After examining the world market for industrial controls, the Danaher Industrial Controls Group, Gurnee, Ill., has noted several top trends.

1. Remote Data Collection. This No. 1 trend means more and more end-users will require equipment that allows traceability and remote diagnostics to send alarms and cut costly service calls. The OEM can diagnose the equipment via the web.

2. Global Availability. Manufacturers around the world want fast product availability, local support and a consistent product. Danaher has opened facilities in the United States, Europe, Asia and South America.

3. Customization. Controls buyers want to customize or create variations in their suppliers' standard products.

4. High Performance In Small, Cost-Effective Package. Control panel space and machine space cost money. Customers want their suppliers to provide behind-the-panel products.

5. Ethernet Communication. In certain markets, Ethernet communication between processes and plant software control systems for complete integration will be required. Executives want full data reports.

To meet these critical market shifts, Danaher has developed new products such as the compact MLC 9000+ controller that is compatible with many PLCs, communicates with Ethernet and most major fieldbuses. It can control up to 32 loops in an 8" package, and the base module is 25 percent to 50 percent smaller than others on the market. The three-loop module has a heat-break alarm for the plastics industry and is continuous, adaptive and self-tuning.