The next time you're looking for SCR power controls and want to do it online, you'll find it easy going at, a new two-language (English and French) website for the controls manufacturer Cristal Controls, Quebec City, Que.

Specializing in electronic energy control, the company covers all its products with stylized icons denoting each in the left-hand index column that appears on every page. This means there is no getting lost on this website.

For power controls, start with the description link and learn about the small-size controllers, among others, that Cristal makes, then check out SCR controllers and get an understanding of the technology and the applications that can use them. The same goes for learning about triac and step controls. Clicking though to the catalog page lets a visitor view and/or print out any of the 54-page catalog of power controls. Then the online request-for-quote form and the order form make it easy for prospective buyers to become customers.