A survey of Industrial Heating Equipment Association members indicates an 8 percent hike in their companies' total domestic and foreign orders for industrial heating equipment in second quarter 2004, compared to a year earlier. Of the $69.06 million in orders received and reported by the same 21 companies in 2003 and 2004, domestic orders accounted for $61.07 million. At $8 million, foreign orders declined 8.7 percent from the same quarter a year ago.

Second quarter domestic oven and furnace orders were a combined $22.74 million, up 32.7 percent from the same quarter last year. Other domestic equipment orders, including process control systems, industrial combustion equipment, replacement parts and other types of equipment totaled $38.33 million for second quarter 2004.

In a new portion of the survey, respondents showed the most revenue growth in the following industries: food processing, automotive, electrical machinery and appliance, and commercial heat treating.