A Tradition of Product Innovation

The year was 1922. Industry was thriving, and St. Louis, Mo., was one of the great shoe manufacturing capitals of the world. Sensing an opportunity, Louis Desloge Sr. founded Watlow to manufacture electric heating elements for shoe steamers and dryers.

Through the years, Mr. Desloge promoted electric heat as the new and better alternative to gas heat, which is both hard to control and confine, and steam heating, which is expensive to install and maintain. As our customers' industrial electric heating applications expanded, our engineers responded with innovative new products that soon became industry standards. We're continuing that tradition of providing outstanding heaters, sensors and controllers to ensure your company enjoys the competitive advantage needed in today's global markets.

Watlow revolutionized the heater industry with the patented FireRod high watt density cartridge heater, still the industry leader. Mineral-insulated leads handle temperatures to 1,500oF (815oC) and resist contamination.

Single Source Reliability

Watlow offers the most complete product line in the industry. With more than a quarter of a million designs on file, we have the heater, sensor and controller to meet your needs.

While some companies manufacture just heaters or just controllers, we provide single source performance accountability by

creating all thermal system components. In addition to saving you ordering time, it lets us recommend, develop and deliver thermal solutions ideally suited to your equipment and process heat requirements.

From electric heaters of all types and sizes, power controllers that maximize heater performance, temperature controllers for more precise heat regulation, to sensors that provide the controllers with accurate temperature signals, you can count on Watlow to design thermal systems in which the components work together better.

Improving Your Processes And Products

By partnering with our customers, we're able to help solve key technology problems, often improving their products” performance and competitiveness, reducing process costs and increasing finished product quality. Our years of experience installing our products in a diversity of industries enables us to borrow technology and apply it in new ways. As a result, we can offer innovative solutions that are virtually risk-free, incorporating field-proven products and technologies.

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