Corporate Profile: Bekaert Combustion Technology

Supplier of gas infrared emitters designed for the paper, food, textile, powder-coating and other industries, our patented metal fiber technologies include (but not limited to)

  • Knitted for Bekaert 6

  • Sintered for Bekaert 8 and 10 Features include

  • Power up to 10 kW for increased production

  • Exceptionally long emitter life for increased productivity and lower maintenance costs

Bekaert 6: Knitted Fiber Technology
Recommended input 6 kW; fastest heat-up and cool-down; high resistance to contamination; impervious to temperature shock; low NOX emission and quiet operation.

Bekaert 8 and Bekaert 10: Sintered Metal Fiber Technology plus Reverberating Screen (for 25% increased IR efficiency)
Bekaert 8 recommended input 8 kW; Bekaert 10 recommended input 10 kW. Features include rapid heat-up and cool-down; easily replaceable reverberating screen; free floating design; impervious to temperature shock; low NOX emission; quiet operation.

Our patented metal fiber technologies have been used in more than 30,000 gas-fired infrared emitters. It is a proven technology backed by an extensive service network and the full resources of Bekaert, a global multibillion dollar corporation.

Bekaert emitters are designed to replace the ones from all major OEMs. The Bekaert emitters will:

  • Mount to existing mixing tubes

  • Operate with the same gas and air pressures

  • Require no changes to any ancillary systems Bekaert will provide qualified technical service & support for your existing gas-IR system(s) when Bekaert emitters are installed.

Bekaert Combustion Technology
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