Corporate Profile

Wisconsin Oven was founded on integrity, service and delivery. Through our innovations and an unwavering commitment to quality in design, engineering, manufacturing and customer service, Wisconsin Oven has become recognized as the leader in the industry. Wisconsin Oven is dedicated to product excellence and customer satisfaction. Our history of proven product performance has led to a high degree of customer confidence and satisfaction.

Wisconsin Oven is the largest manufacturer of the broadest range of industrial ovens. We are also America's largest OEM manufacturer, building and shipping equipment on behalf of a wide-range of other companies.

Markets Served
* Automotive
* Electronics
* Environmental
* Finishing
* Hazardous Material Storage
* Composites, Plastics & Rubber
* Laboratory, Educational & Pharmaceutical
* Metal Treating & Aluminum
* Printing & Lithograph
* Textile

Wisconsin Oven holds five U.S. patents for various building techniques and equipment. We manufacture convection equipment for operation up to 1,400oF (760oC) in either electric, steam or gas fired. Our infrared equipment is designed to use the emitter and wavelength best suited for the application. Our gas catalytic heater is rated for operation over 1,600oF (870oC), one of the highest in the industry.

Major Products
Wisconsin Oven offers America's broadest range of industrial ovens.

* Custom or Standard
* Batch, Indexing, or Conveyor
* Exterior Mounted W-Wall Ovens
* Convection, Infrared, or Combination
* Assembled Units, Turnkey Systems, or Knockdown Kits

Wisconsin Oven Corp.
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East Troy, WI 53120
Phone: (262) 642-3938
Fax: (262) 363-4018
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