Heat transfer fluids from Solutia Inc. have been selected for use in the manufacture of thermoplastics because of their ability to withstand high temperatures.

PTT Poly Canada plans to use the Solutia's Therminol fluids in its Montreal plant, which is reported to be the world's first large-scale continuous facility to commercially produce polytrimethylene terephthalate (PTT) thermoplastic. Solutia, based in St. Louis, will provide Therminol 66 and Therminol VP-1 fluids to meet the high temperature requirements in both liquid-and vapor-phase environments. The $100 million Canadian plant produces up to 95,000 tons of PTT annually.

“As the world's first commercial PTT plant, we have very high expectations,” said Pierre Lévesque, process chemist at PTT Poly Canada. Lévesque noted that Therminol's track record of meeting the demands of the synthetic fiber and thermoplastics industry for more than 40 years was important to the decision.

Solutia remains “committed to continuing to provide our customers with the best technical and commercial support in our industry,” said Dale Kline, Solutia's global business director, Specialty Fluids.