Mathis Instruments is offering free, 30-minute, online seminars on improving drying.

The online seminar, or webinar, is a combination of a downloadable support file, usually in the form of a PowerPoint slide show, and a teleconference call with a Mathis representative. It's free, interactive and offers you the opportunity to watch and listen. There is no software required and you may participate alone or in a group.

Sessions in May include:

  • Advanced Thermal Conductivity and Thermal Effusivity Measurement
    May 17, 1 p.m. EST
    Learn about the latest developments in thermal conductivity and thermal effusivity measurement technology from Mathis. Effusivity technology can help you accelerate your research, improve your quality control techniques or simply to replace an old method for thermophysical property testing. The presentation will include a review of the modified hot wire technique, the theory, instrument options, capabilities, and advantages.

  • Effusivity as a PAT Tool for the Pharmaceutical Industry
    May 25, 1 p.m. EST
    Learn about the basic concepts of effusivity variations in powders that allow blending and drying endpoint determination through the use of thermal effusivity sensors.

  • Effusivity as a Quality Control Tool for Blending, Drying and Liquid Mixing
    May 25, 2 p.m. EST
    Find out what effusivity is and how it can be applied in powder blending, drying, end-point determination and liquid mixing in a variety of industries. See how the technology can be applied in research and development through manufacturing to reducing operating costs, improve quality or simply provide you with a better understanding of your process.

  • Thermal Interface Materials: Characterization and Performance
    May 31, 1p.m. EST
    Rapid testing and sample size flexibility has made effusivity technology a sensible choice for the quality control of thermal interface materials, which have become a critical component of electrical products. The performance of these materials significantly depends on a key parameter - thermal conductivity, making the rapid and accurate testing of thermal conductivity essential in their quality control. Mathis innovative interfacial thermal technique can precisely measure the thermal conductivity in a rapid and non-destructive way, breaking testing bottlenecks and improving the efficiency of research, development and manufacturing processes.

If you are unavailable to attend the live webinar but are interested in viewing a particular session, a link to an archived copy can be provided.

To register, go to or call (877) 827-7623.