Located within easy reach of all major New York area airports, the New Jersey Turnpike and the George Washington Bridge to Philadelphia, the lab at Wyssmont in Ft. Lee, N.J., is available to customers with product samples for testing.

Thorough lab testing frequently reveals product characteristics that are new to the client. Testing includes a complete report with drying curve and air material temperature profiles, plus a sample of the dried product. The maker of dryers and other industrial equipment runs test in its Wyssmont laboratory dryer, designed for accurate scale-up to 20,000 lb/hr quantities. Tests are run on a two- to three-pound sample, a significant advantage when piloting is not feasible. A five- to 10-pound sample of wet material and a few ounces of satisfactory dried product for comparison are required for testing.

There is a set fee per day for drying or cooling, with most tests completed in two days. For more information, call (201) 947-4600 or go to www.wyssmont.com.

Fan Specialist Training Begins In April

Training for the Fan System Assessment Tool (FSAT), the latest in the suite of DOE-developed software tools, begins in April. With FSAT, industrial plant operators can calculate the amount of energy the fan system uses, determine fan system efficiency, and quantify the savings potential of an upgraded fan system.

To help industrial professionals enhance their knowledge and take full advantage of opportunities identified in the software programs, the Department of Energy's Industrial Technologies Program is sponsoring training sessions throughout the year.

ITP offers a one-day Fan System Assessment Training course, which highlights the benefits of optimizing fan systems and examining fan system performance characteristics. One session is scheduled on May 24 in Elko, Nev. For other dates and locations, see the ITP calendar at www.oit.doe.gov/bestpractices/textCalendar.shtml.

ITP also will offer a two-and-a-half-day session for Fan System Qualified Specialist Training. This training is for experienced industry professionals interested in evaluating the FSAT tool and training and becoming Qualified Fan System Specialists. By successfully completing this advanced training, DOE will recognize you as a Specialist in the use of FSAT. As a Specialist, you can then apply the tool to help your plant or industrial customers identify ways to improve fan system efficiency.

For information about ITP's tools and resources, contact the EERE Information Center at (877) 337-3463. PH