Results of Process Heating's electronic survey of industrial electric heater users show that most buyers prefer to purchase their heaters from U.S. companies.

Eighty-eight percent of respondents to the February survey indicated they do not look to China or India for their electric heaters or heating elements. Why not? Here are some direct quotes from respondents.

  • We buy American.
  • I try to promote the U.S. economy.
  • I am comfortable with domestic suppliers.
  • Because I live and work in America.
  • Good U.S. manufacturers are available.
  • Our company typically likes to go with American-made products.
  • No reason to, and would prefer buying U.S.-made goods.
  • We have an established relationship with a U.S. manufacturer and always patronize American manufacturers.

The February 2005 survey was e-mailed to more than 5,000 subscribers and had a 6 percent response rate.