Thermaflo 660 is a high-performance synthetic heat transfer fluid designed for use in nonpressurized, indirect, liquid heat transfer systems. It offers exceptional thermal stability and resistance to oxidation in the temperature range of 32 to 653 degrees F (0 to 345 degrees C). It offers superior overall performance in the range of 150 to 653 degrees F (65 to 345 degrees C), where its kinematic viscosity is below 10 cSt and turbulent flow can generally be ensured. With a pour point of -33 degrees F (-27 degrees C), the fluid is readily pumpable (i.e., it exhibits a viscosity of less than 400 cSt) at 41 degrees F (5 degrees C), ensuring easy startup under almost any conditions.
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Paratherm LC liquid restores thermal fluid system performance on the fly. Cleaning while the system operates, it dissolves and suspends sludge deposits that can reduce flow -- and thus heat transfer -- in larger continuously operated hot-oil systems. Compatible with mineral-oil-based fluids, it operates while the system does, eliminating the downtime and extra handling and disposal involved with flushing fluids or chemical cleaning agents.
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Available in a range of product chemistries, these heat transfer fluids deliver performance characteristics for stability, pressure, pumpability and other system operating requirements. Included are Dowtherm synthetic organic fluids; Syltherm silicone fluids; Ucon polyalkylene glycol-based fluids; and Dowtherm, Dowfrost, Dowcal and Ucartherm inhibited glycol-based fluids. The company's global team of heat transfer experts offers a complete package of technical support.
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Company has rebranded its Calflo FG heat transfer fluid to Purity FG heat transfer fluid to better reflect its food-grade attributes. Bringing Calflo FG into the Purity FG family also clarifies that the company offers a line of food-grade products that includes hydraulic fluids, compressor fluids, EP gear fluids, grease, chain fluids, MF aerosol, white mineral oils, trolley fluid and heat transfer fluid. Purity FG products are NSF H1 registered and fit in HACCP and GMP programs. They are certified Kosher and Pareve by Star K.
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Oxygen and heat transfer fluid surface contact in a system's expansion tank or elsewhere can cause metal corrosion and acidity. Xceltherm 500M inhibits the ability of oxygen to damage system components and the fluid, especially when materials of construction such as copper or brass are present. With an operating range of -80 to 500°F (-62 to 260°C), it can be used for heating or cooling. The operating temperature range allows a system designed for water to run at higher temperatures without pressure by switching to a hot oil product.
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Low-Temperature Heat Transfer Fluid

Therminol VLT has been selected by Cambridge Major Laboratories to run its GMP facility. Suited for single-fluid heating and cooling systems between -175 and 350 degrees F (-115 and 175 degrees C), the fluid is designed to meet the needs of the pharmaceutical industry. Cambridge will use the low-temperature fluid with the capability of going below -148 degrees F (-100 degrees C) in its efforts to scale up current processes.
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PG-1 is a food-grade heat transfer fluid for use in closed-loop, liquid-phase heating and cooling systems. In the food process industry, it can be used in indirect heating loops for frying and baking and is acceptable for use as a heat transfer fluid in plants operating under Federal Meat and Poultry Inspection. The fluid is a nontoxic, nonhazardous white mineral oil that has an operating temperature of more than 600°F (316°C).
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