HTF Systems Increase Energy Efficiency

HTF systems deliver accurate temperature control with heating capacities up to 96 kW per zone and temperatures up to 600 degrees F (316 degrees C). Heating and cooling capabilities eliminate thermal shock and maximize energy efficiency. Available in single-, dual- or triple-zone configurations, the systems' design increases heater and fluid life for lower maintenance and production costs. The microprocessor control technology improves temperature control accuracy and part quality.
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Hot-Oil-Circulating Temperature Control Unit

Hot-oil unit will circulate and precisely control the temperature of oil flowing through your process. Maximum temperature is 450 degrees F (232 degrees C). The oil temperature is continuously monitored with one thermocouple located in the oil supply line, which relays any deviation from setpoint back to the controller. A three-phase, flanged, low-watt-density immersion heater heats process oil. Heaters are vertically mounted to eliminate bending and stress that could cause premature burn out and are electrically interlocked to prevent their operating if the pump is not running or if low oil pressure exists. A bypass circuit incorporated in the system ensures heater flooding if there is blockage in the process lines, thus eliminating the possibility of heater burnout.
QPC Systems Inc.
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Thermal Fluid Systems

Customized and complete thermal fluid (hot oil) heater systems are available to 14 million BTU/hr and temperatures to 750 degrees F (399 degrees C). The four-pass, high efficiency design with preheated combustion air requires minimal floor space. The design allows for high fluid velocities within the coil, which translates to low film temperatures. The ASME-stamped heaters can be skid-mounted at the factory with a circulating pump and expansion tank. Skid piping includes control valves, secondary loops and heating/cooling loops.
Fulton Thermal Corp.
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550 degrees F Oil Unit

With an operating temperature to 550 degrees F (288 degrees C), hot-oil unit is available in single- or dual-zone designs. Heating capacity is 6 to 24 kW, and pumping capacity is 10 to 24 gal/min. With heating and cooling capabilities, the hot-oil unit has an electrical package built in accordance with NEC electrical code and with UL listed electrical components. The single-zone unit has a 24 x 16 x 46"
Delta T Systems
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Water Chillers

Manufactured for a range of industrial and commercial applications, water chillers provide a constant supply of chilled, recirculated water. Multi-compressor systems operate independently as required.
Rite-Temp Manufacturing
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Recirculating Chillers

Series 5000 and 6000 have adjustable temperature, pressure and flow-rate alarms that alert users to problems such as blocked cooling lines or overload conditions that could damage equipment or compromise precision. The chillers are capable of maintaining process temperatures from 14 to 158 degrees F (-10 to 70 degrees C) with +/-0.1 degrees C stability. Standard features include large temperature and pressure/flow rate digital readouts, one-touch temperature control and ambient-temperature tracking capability.
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Software Controls Baths, Chillers

EasyTemp software interfaces directly to the company's baths and chillers, controlling and monitoring bath temperature as well as presenting the data in a useful graphic display. Data can be exported in Excel format for future data treatment and presentation in other software. The software can be used with any of the company's temperature control systems with an RS232 interface and is available as a free download from the web site.
Julabo USA Inc.
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Precision Chillers

Offered in a range of configurations such as one-, two- or three-channel chillers, system can be supplied with air- or water-cooled condensers. With a temperature range of -94 to 392 degrees F (-70 to 200 degrees C) and stability of +/-0.1 degrees C, the chillers have cooling capacity ranges from 1,700 to 256,000 BTU/hr (500 to 75,000 W) and up to three independent loops. Cooling fluid types include water, deionized water, synthetic fluids, ethanol, ethylene glycol or propylene glycol/water mixtures, and mineral oil, or others as required. Embedded computer control monitors critical system functions and controls refrigerant valves. Built-in self-diagnostics test for critical functions such as refrigerant temperatures, voltages and sensors.
Mydax Inc.
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Thermal Control Units

Water-cooled chillers are designed to remove heat from a process and discharge it to an auxiliary facility water supply such as a central chilled water system or cooling tower. The facility water source does not need to be temperature controlled, but water sources exceeding 95 degrees F (35 degrees C) may require special design features. Affinity thermal control units have a small footprint, modular design, and quiet operation, with capacities up to 100 kW.
Lydall Industrial Thermal Solutions Inc.
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Environmental Test Chambers

Standard and customized models are designed to simulate various types of environmental conditions involving temperature, humidity and light. Temperature and humidity capabilities range from -4 to 176°F (-20 to 80°C) and 2 percent to 98 percent relative humidity. Applications include freeze-thaw cycling and freezer storage, stability and photostability testing, light fastness studies, accelerated testing, forced degradation, plant growth and TAPPI testing.
Caron Products & Services Inc.
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Deep-Well Compact Baths

Constant-temperature fluid baths can be used to calibrate thermometers and temperature sensors. The deep-well compact baths provide 18" (457 mm) of depth to accommodate liquid-in-glass thermometers and other long-stem thermometers. Four baths in this series cover temperatures from -112 to 149°F (-80 to 300°C). Stabilities over that range are from ±0.005 to ±0.015°C and uniformities to ±0.007°C.
Hart Scientific Inc.
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Central Chillers Employ Rotational Compression

RS Series employ rotational compression technology with up to 50 percent fewer moving parts than reciprocating compressors. In sizes from 60 to 195 ton capacity, the central chillers utilize semihermetically sealed screw compressors. Up to 100 tons, compressors are matched to brazed plate evaporators; from 115 to 195 tons, they match to shell-and-tube evaporators. The screw compressors use R-134a, a non-CFC refrigerant providing energy efficiency increases of up to 12 percent.
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Oil Temperature Control Units

Line of oil-circulating temperature control units includes compact and midsize units. The compact high temperature heat transfer system is suited for extruders, blow-molders and injection molders. It provides accurate, automatic and dependable control in temperature ranges from 100 to 400 degrees F (38 to 204 degrees C) with synthetic fluid. The midsize high temperature heat transfer system includes the company's M2B+ Microprocessor for higher accuracy and superior repeatability. It provide precise temperature control up to 55 degrees F (288 degrees C).
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