Copies of four PCB-assembly technical papers from Speedline Technologies are available for free download at

The Franklin, Mass.-based firm's papers focus on three critical areas in the process: reflow soldering, lead-free assembly and solder-paste printing. The titles are:

  • “Fluxing Effects in Lead-Free Wave Soldering,” by Ken Kirby, applications engineer; and Keith Howell, product marketing manager.

  • “Affects of Cooling Slopes in Lead-Free Reflow,” by Marc Apell, product marketing manager; Tad Formella, applications engineer; and Rich Burke, sales engineer.

  • “Practical Lead-Free Assembly,” by Joe Belmonte, senior process engineer of the Advanced Process Group.

  • “Bridge Vision: An Analysis of Bridge Defects in the Solder Paste Printing Process,” by David Prince, senior engineer in advanced development.