PF1 Series are single-phase, phase-fired solid-state relay (SSR) power controls designed to deliver maximum power control. The controls accept all standard voltage and current command signals or remote potentiometer inputs. Standard operating voltages are 120, 240, 400, 480 and 575 VAC, 50/60 Hz. Multi-turn zero and span adjustments are provided for matching the SSR power control to the command signal. The command signal indicator's (green) brilliance is proportional to the input command signal. Primarily used to control dynamic resistive loads, the controls are suitable for large ovens, kilns and heaters, infrared heating and high temperature furnaces.
Ametek HDR Power Systems
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IRtec Rayomatic 20 Series provides an accurate (+0.5 percent of reading), continuous monitoring tool for troublesome process applications that require immediate response time (28 ms). Capable of measuring a wide process range of low and high (up to 3,600°F) temperatures, the transmitter also can be used in processes with special materials or when the target is only partially visible. It has an optics spot size down to 2 mm (0.08”).
E Instruments Group LLC
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High speed Series HA is designed for applications requiring high accuracy and versatile functions and offers embedded Profibus or DeviceNet communications. The controller has a high speed sampling rate of 0.025 sec, or 40 times per second, greatly suppressing overshoot. The high speed sampling function makes it suitable for extremely fast processes and mass flow processes in which measured values change rapidly. Available in 1/4 and 1/8 DIN sizes, the panel-mounted controller has a large bright LED display to ease viewing. A maximum of two PID control loops is provided in a single unit. Select from single- or dual-loop, or cascade control modes. A multi-memory area stores up to 16 sets of parameters, allowing the unit to serve as a 32-segment ramp/soak controller.
RKC Instrument
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Series TCS monitors and controls temperature in heating and cooling applications. Thermocouple temperature switch offers a wide temperature range, two selectable alarm sets and an internal buzzer indicating alarm condition or error. Temperature and output status are indicated on the bright red LED display.
Love Controls, a Division of Dwyer Instruments Inc.
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Features of the temperature and process controls include field-configurable inputs, alarms, autotuning, user-selectable ramp/soak, adjustable hysteresis and deadband, and dual output/alarm capabilities. Designed to be a controller you can rely on, the devices offer bumpless auto/manual transfer and NEMA 4X (IP65) dust- and splash-proof front panel. The decimal readout displays 0.1 degrees increments for temperatures below 1,000 degrees F (538 degrees C). Controller types include on/off through full PID operation.
Athena Controls Inc.
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Model 3204 has a text display, high accuracy input, five on-board process recipes (48 parameters per recipe), the company's Instant Accuracy system and an optional amp-meter display from a CT input. The text display eases controller setup and use. If a user scrolls to a parameter and waits for a few seconds, the text display begins scrolling in marquee fashion. The controller then displays a description of that parameter in plain English (Spanish, French, German languages are also available).
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Model 3800 offers a single-wire interface, 40:1 distance-to-spot size, target sizes from 0.5 mm, micropower circuitry, 100 percent field-interchangeable design, and the ability to accept all common outputs. The thumb-sized, integrated, infrared thermometer system does not require “tag-along” electronic boxes. With a single-wire, loop-powered, 4 to 20 mA analog interface, the infrared thermometer carries both power and signal on one conductor strand so it cannot be damaged by installing incorrectly.
Everest Interscience Inc. Please see our ad on page 8
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Model PPR-1800 videographic data recorder has a 6.1" TFT-LCD color screen that offers bright, sharp viewing with 640 x 480 VGA resolution. The data recorder can be used to monitor, record and evaluate processes in a range of industries such as petrochemical, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, plastics, environmental testing and packaging. The “plug and play” layout of the rear deck supports up to six I/O cards that can plot up to 18 channels of analog data, or a combination of both analog and digital input/output. Analog cards have one to three channels per card, and digital input/output have six channels per card. Permanent data storage is accomplished through the use of internal flash ROM and removable CompactFlash memory cards or downloaded directly to the PC. Display configurations include historical, trend, bar graphs, alarm list and mixed.
Tempco Electric Heater Corp.
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Model 5C7-388 offers input voltage from 12 to 28 VDC. Other features of the thermoelectric temperature controller include 0.1 to 25 A load rating, ability to program using a PC via a RS232 communications port, bidirectional control for heating and cooling applications, and solid-state “H” bridge operation. It controls temperature in the Type T thermocouple range of -328 to 500°F (-200 to 260°C).
Oven Industries Inc.
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Opto Z SCR power controls provide precise proportional control of constant-resistance heating loads in response to an analog control signal from a temperature controller or PLC I/O module. The control utilizes an optically isolated trigger circuit for zero-fired switching to regulate the amount of power applied over an adjustable time base for proportional control of the connected heating load. Zero-fired switching nearly eliminates electrical noise, and a full sine wave ensures harmonics-free output at all power levels.
Payne Engineering
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Software for the SuperM.O.L.E Gold, OvenRider and WaveRider temperature profiling systems has been upgraded. AutoMOLE Software Suite 5.10 streamlines the profiling process thanks to its “super workbook” feature. The software suite includes a full solder paste database containing more than 250 eutectic and lead-free formulas. Simply select the make and model of solder paste to be used and critical process parameters such as liquidous and time between, automatically become active, setting up a workbook for that paste formula. Each profiling workbook provides instant recall of these critical process parameters for the associated solder paste formula.
ECD Inc.
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PRTXD Series two-wire transmitters provide 4 to 20 mA signals representing temperature. The units include a 3.5 digit display and RTD sensor. The NEMA 4X (IP66) housing protects the electronics. Units are available with spring-loaded probes for use with thermowells. Controls include non-interactive zero and span; ±10 percent range, test calibration level; and 0 to 100 percent range.
Omega Engineering Inc.
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Series SD family of PID temperature controllers includes a universal sensor input with up to three outputs that can be programmed for heat or cool temperature control, as well as operate as process or deviation alarms. Other features of the single-channel controller include EIA 485 Modbus serial communications, proprietary sensor technology that improves sensor accuracy, infrared remote communications, user-definable menu and a “save and restore” feature.
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With an operating range of -328 to 1,112 degrees F (-200 to 600 degrees C), Type KN ceramic wire-wound platinum RTD elements provide accurate, reliable temperature sensing capability in a rugged ceramic package. The Type K element extends the upper operating limit to 1,562 degrees F (850 degrees C). Resistance values of 50, 100 and 500 W are offered in several package sizes and tolerances.
DWM & Associates Inc.
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Geflex combines a PID temperature controller, solid-state relay (5 to 120 A) and current transformer into one DIN-rail-mounted package. It simplifies wiring and installation for multiloop temperature control applications and eliminates the need for panel cutouts required by traditional discrete panel-mounted temperature controllers. Process monitoring and configuration is accomplished at a single flat-panel HMI display. Applications include temperature control for plastic extrusion, plastic hot-runners or any multiloop process.
Gefran ISI Inc.
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A noncontact temperature sensor, Transtemp 1000 Series has temperature limits of -50 to 4,500 degrees F (-45 to 2,500 degrees C) with six selectable infrared spectral filters for application optimization. The two-wire design utilizes 24 VDC power with 4 to 20 mA output and can be used as a direct interface with existing control and data acquisition systems.
Williamson Corp.
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