SKPx5 multifunction gas shutoff valve actuators are designed to optimize process performance, minimize costs and simplify installation on applications such as ovens, dryers or furnaces. The electrohydraulic actuators offer many new features, including quick-connect wiring and NEMA 4 design. The visual indication and wiring are both on the front of each actuator. With the mounting screws already attached to the actuator and no conduit adapters required, installation has been greatly simplified.

In addition, Siemens' previous SKP10/20/50 and 70 versions now are offered in the new SKP15/25/55 and 75 models. The SKP25 pressure regulating/shutoff actuators perform two functions: safety shutoff and gas pressure regulation. The SKP25 eliminates the need for a separately piped pressure regulator. It can be used as a zero governor or a 1:1 air/gas proportionator. Only three springs provide outlet pressure regulation of up to 100" w.c. The SKP25.411U1 provides high outlet pressure regulation up to 20 psi. The SKP25.611U1 is applicable as an air-gas proportionator with up to 4" air bias.

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