Check out test lab, in-stock parts, and more.

Have you visited Minneapolis-based Crown Iron Works' web site lately? Since its makeover, there's much to keep you moving among all the pages, and the new search bar makes it easy to do so.

For instance, one new page on contains a brief explanation of supercritical fluid extraction with an additional link to learn how the company is developing a method to accomplish the process continuously rather than batch by batch.

Another new page explores biodiesel technology, bringing the viewer up to speed and then providing links to dig deeper into what this advanced fuel is all about. The visuals are great also, with Crown's gallery of biodiesel building images.

Crown provides custom solutions for extraction and drying in several industries. Known for its pilot-plant facilities, Crown gives its web site's visitors a look at what the test lab can do for their companies. Equipped with lab-scale versions of manufactured system components, including extractors, flash dryers and a desolventiser-toaster, the facility is prepared to go to work for you. You can even “meet” the test lab manager online when you go to

Going back to the home page for a moment: don't overlook the new postings of spare parts for the Crown equipment you use. Click on Renewal Parts Division for the vegetable- and edible-oil processing and extraction equipment they make. Click through to stock items and you'll find the order numbers for the parts Crown keeps on hand, such as bushings, washers, rings and sight-glasses.

There's more to explore on the Crown site such as the company's soon-to-be-expanded database of publications. Right now, you can read up on lecithin processing or learn even more about biodiesel technology, all at