A heat-tracing products and services company has developed four new web sites aimed at North American customers.

Tyco Thermal Controls, Menlo Park, Calif., set up the thermal-related web sites, each specific to a set of products and services and designed to appeal to a particular type of customer, thereby eliminating the confusion that often results when one site tries to serve many different buyers. Constructed in a highly logical manner, each site helps customers quickly define the appropriate application and market for their needs.

The approach saves visitors time by displaying a thorough, diagrammed system of products designed for a particular application early in the search process. From this diagram, the customer can quickly form a list of necessary and optional products. Previously, customers were directed to individual product pages and only by reading through many pages were they able to identify all the parts needed to comprise a complete system.

For more information, go to www.tycothermal.com.