Ultra-low emissions burners developed in response California's strict environmental regulations will be now available nationwide. The CSB from Alzeta Corp., Santa Clara, Calif., has a 10-year track record with more than 150 successful low NOX installations.

“The time is right to introduce our technology nationally in other Air Quality Districts that are following California's lead,” said Lee Kosla, vice president of sales and marketing.

When first introduced, the CSB burner addressed the needs for sub-30 ppm NOX emissions generated by industrial boilers up to 100,000 lb/hr. Then, as regulations tightened, the company reconfigured the CSB in 1999 to deliver single-digit NOX emissions. Since that time, Alzeta CSB systems have demonstrated a 100 percent success rate, according to Kosla, complying with the toughest air quality regulations nationwide, including those requiring down to

sub-9 ppm NOX performance, such as in Southern California.

The key to reducing NOX emissions in industrial boilers is to reduce the flame temperature. The CSB technology provides lean-premix, surface-stabilized combustion. By controlling the ratio of fuel and airflow rates across the load range, the burner produces a cool flame with ultra-low NOX performance and simultaneous low CO emissions.

For more information, visit www.alzeta.com.