Compare different heat transfer fluids to find the ones best suited for your applications.

Food-Grade Fluid

Designed for closed-loop liquid-phase heating and cooling systems, MultiTherm PG-1 performs at temperatures to 600°F (316°C). The fluid is suited for use in systems where maintaining a constant temperature is a vital requirement. It is FDA certified, so it can be used in food and pharmaceutical applications.

MultiTherm Corp.,

Heat Transfer Fluid for Nonpressurized Systems

Designed for nonpressurized heat transfer systems operating at high temperatures, Dowtherm MX remains stable without unacceptable fluid degradation. The synthetic organic fluid has a recommended operating temperature range of -30 to 625°F (-34 to 329°C).

Dow Chemical Co.,

Nonfouling, Nontoxic Heat Transfer Fluid

For processes requiring uniform process temperature control to 600°F (316°C), nonfouling Paratherm NF will not coat the system's heated surfaces with hard carbon deposits. The nontoxic fluid has passed Bioassay and can be recycled through local oil recyclers.

Paratherm Corp.,

High Temperature Heat Transfer Fluid

For temperature performance to 650°F (345°C), Therminol 66 provides stability and low vapor pressure. It is suited for use in high temperature applications such as polyethylene, polystyrene, nylon and DMT production.

Solutia Inc.,

Heat Transfer Oil Resists Thermal Decomposition

Suited for use in open systems with expansion tank temperatures to 365°F (185°C) and in closed systems with expansion tank temperatures to 600°F (316°C), Caloria HT 43 exhibits oxidation stability and resists thermal decomposition.

ExxonMobil L&PS

Heat Transfer Oil Resists Oxidative Degradation

For use in indirectly fired heat transfer systems where the primary heat source is located away from the equipment to be heated or low pressure systems with temperatures to 600°F (316°C), Shell Thermia C exhibits long-term thermal stability. The oil resists oxidative degradation.

Equilon Enterprises LLC,

Liquid-Phase Fluid

With a top bulk fluid operating temperature of 600°F (316°C), Xcel-therm 600 is a liquid-phase paraffinic-based food-grade white mineral oil. The fluid offers thermal stability and heat transfer efficiency throughout its operating range and is compatible with most other oil-based heat transfer fluids.

Radco Industries Inc.,

Low Carbon-Forming Heat Transfer Fluid

Suited for use in circulating temperature controls in open systems where temperatures do not exceed 375°F (190°C), Texatherm exhibits thermal stability at sustained high operating temperatures. The fluid is noncorrosive to copper and steel and resists cracking at elevated temperatures.

Equilon Enterprises LLC,

Silicone Compound

Silicone-based fluid is combined with thickeners to produce TSC 444, a silicone compound that resists oxidation, thermal breakdown and chemical attack. It is designed for applications where water repellancy, high dielectric strength and corrosion protection are required.


Corrosion-Resistant Fluids

Designed to protect brass, copper, steel, cast iron, aluminum and other metals used in cooling and heating systems, Jeffcool coolants and heat transfer fluids contain corrosion inhibitors that attach to metal surfaces to passivate them. The ethylene glycol- and propylene glycol-based fluids can be used for process cooling.

Huntsman Corp.,

Nontoxic Fluid

MultiTherm 503 can be used in closed-loop liquid-phase heating and cooling systems from 50 to 500°F (10 to 260°C). It provides users with a low pressure alternative to synthetic chemical-based heating and cooling fluids. It will not aggressively attack gaskets and seals.

MultiTherm Corp.,

Heat Transfer Fluid

MobilTherm 603 can be used at temperatures to 550°F (287°C) and where minimum shutdown temperatures are not below 25°F (-4°C). It has high specific heat and thermal conductivity at all temperatures, which ensures rapid system heating.

ExxonMobil L&PS

Nontoxic Heat Transfer Fluid

Thermally stable at temperatures up to 600°F (316°C), Dynalene SF is practically nontoxic. The fluid has demonstrated performance over a range of temperatures without compromising system reliability.

Dynalene Heat Transfer Fluids,