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Protective Coating System

Suitable for shell and tube heat exchangers, coating protects against corrosion and incrustation to prevent fouling and reduce maintenance and operating costs. Applied to the interior diameter of the tubes and tubesheets, Saekaphen protects against a range of chemicals and water types.

Heresite Protective Coatings Inc.,

Pressure Reducer System

Pillarless construction and diameter- independent spring ranges are features of Predu. Additional features of the pressure reducer system include a screwed seat and marginal seat, three exchangeable spring sizes, balancing bellow and sealing bellow, and easy change of spring and actuator.

ARI Valve,

Hanger Bearing Assemblies

As a replacement for ball bearings, plastics and inexpensive carbons, self-lubricating Graph-Alloy can be used at temperatures to 1,000°F (538°C) or in nonoxidizing environments up to 1,500°F (816°C). The assembly has a low coefficient of friction and is offered in more than 100 grades.

Graphite Metallizing Corp.,

Power Supply

CPS Series is offered with an instantaneous gain stable option that improves process repeatability by reducing plasma/generator interaction and modulated power envelope. The radio frequency power generating system can withstand erratic loads.

Comdel Inc., RF Power Systems,

Solenoid Angle Seat Steam Valve

Valve's design permits nearly a full bore opening when the solenoid angle seat valve is actuated. Designed for steam applications, Type 6038 is offered in brass in sizes from 0.375 to 1". Valve has an operating range from 0 to 140 psi at temperatures to 356°F (180°C). The zero-pressure valve has a direct acting-switching mode.

Burkert USA,

Butterfly Valve

Bronze bushings and a streamlined disc design are among the features of Mosser AW/CW 15/25 light-duty butterfly valve. It can accommodate pressure differentials up to 25 psi in sizes from 2 to 12" and 15 psi in sizes from 14 to 72". Valves can be repacked without removal from line.


Thermal Oxidizer

Retox provides more than 99% VOC control of hydrocarbon and fumes from oven and dryer exhaust. Oxidizer operates fuel-free at 400 ppm and greater inlet loadings and provides 95% primary heat recovery. It has low fan electrical usage due to its low pressure drop ceramic heat transfer media.

Adwest Technologies Inc.,


Large flat boards and full-round cylinders of insulation ease oven construction. The forming process of the soluble fiber insulation allows elements and mounting hardware to be formed directly into the insulation.

Zircar Ceramics,

Process Fan

Used to provide air circulation within ovens and dryers, Plug fan maintains an even temperature around the material or product as it is conveyed through the oven. Fan uses an insulated panel that allows installation directly into oven walls up to 6" thick. The fan can be installed horizontally or vertically with either a housed or open wheel.

Chicago Blower Corp.,

Drying Systems

Blowers, compressors and air-knife systems provide water or particle blow-off for product and parts drying. FDA-compliant, drying systems are suitable for food process and packaging applications as well as high speed inline drying, heating or cooling. Systems have passed 8,000 hr durability tests.

Paxton Products Corp.,

Hot Oil System

Suitable for heating revolving rolls, platens, molds, jacketed tanks and autoclaves, hot oil system has been field tested under continuous operation at temperatures to 650°F (343°C). Low watt density Incoloy 800 sheath heating elements provide even heat inside the tube bundle.

Gaumer Process Heaters,


Tadpole provides sealing at high temperatures and is suited for use in ovens and dryers. Fiberglass seal has a Teflon coating that improves sealing capability and durability.

Gaskets Inc.,

Plastic Self-Cleaning Filter

Fully automatic, TAF-500 cleans itself in less than 12 sec and uses less than 10 gal of exhaust water. The plastic self-cleaning filter has a maximum flow rate of 220 gal/min with 500 Km screen and has multiple element options down to 50 Km. Filter is available with 2 or 3" connections.

Amiad Filtration Systems,

Gap Filler Pad

Designed to cool high power, high speed electronic designs with severe heat dissipation requirements, Sarcon GR-I has thermal conductivity of 5.8 W/m-k. Gap filler pad is soft and conformable and is capable of conducting high heat.

Fujipoly America Corp.,

Wide Temperature Test Chamber

Covering a temperature range of -299 to 752°F(-184 to 400°C), Model EC1.3W has a 1.37 ft3 work volume chamber. Features include an advanced temperature controller with integral temperature probe, capacity for storing up to 10 programs and built-in IEEE 488, RS232 and RS422.

Sun Electronic Systems Inc.,

High Temperature Filtration System

By filtering out contaminants such as coke and sludge and reducing fouling, Sentinel Series maintains the efficiency of heat transfer fluids and oils. Suitable for hot oil filtration in plastics and other manufacturing processes, the system operates at temperatures to 650°F (343°C) and pressures to 150 psig.

Liquid Process Systems Inc.,

Rotary Screw Pump

With a straight, short flow path to minimize product buildup, SDS Series has a single-stage screw design. It is designed to operate continuously at any level between atmospheric and blank off. Pump does not require sealing fluids, which minimizes the possibility of product contamination and downstream process pollution.

Stokes Vacuum Inc.,

Fuel Delivery System And Fuel Train

Suitable for gases and fuel oils, fuel delivery system and fuel train is prepiped and prewired. Pressure tested, system complies with insurance standards as well as local and national codes.

Packaged Burner Systems Co. Inc.,www.packagedburnersystems.

Self-Cleaning Water Filter

Designed to protect heat exchangers and prevent clogging of nozzles, tubes and other narrow passages, filter removes dirt particles down to micron size, of any specific gravity, from once-through and recirculating cooling water systems. Filter is line pressure powered and cleans itself without external power or interruption of system flow.

Orival Water Filters,

Gaskets and Seals

Silicone rubber gaskets and seals can be used in applications with temperatures from -178 to 600°F (-117 to 316°C). Suitable for paper process, chemical and food processing, Ronsil has low compression set compared to organic rubber materials and meets automotive, UL and FDA specifications.

Reiss Manufacturing Inc.,

Plastics Processor

U-Max processor is suitable for use with liquid crystal polymers, nylon, styrene, thermosets and other materials. Equipped with temperature and vacuum capabilities, processor can be used to effect solid-phase polymerization by heating the material under controlled conditions.

Processall Inc.,

Lubricating Compound

Chemically inert high temperature grease provides high thermal stability and resistance to chemicals, liquids and compressed gases. Triflunox is nonflammable and remains stable to 660°F (350°C).


Steam Blancher/Cooker

For processing canned or frozen food, Turbo-Flo uses convection heating dynamics to transfer heat efficiently. The fully enclosed, insulated blancher chamber has a hydrostatic water seal that eliminates evaporation. Even cooking temperatures ensure consistent product quality and appearance. Up to 30,000 lb/hr of peas or corn can be processed in a 4 by 20' zone.

Key Technology Inc.,

Automatic Drain Valve

Progressive motorized automatic drain is designed with solid-state circuitry that controls the acuator that opens the drain valve on command. Operation can be programmed to meet the requirements of any liquid or air system. Solid-state timing circuitry controls the time interval between drain periods.

Progressive Equipment Corp.

Pump/Trap Combo

Made for removing condensate from process heat exchangers with limited clearance, combined pump/trap reduces piping and eliminates possible errors. GT10L Powertrap has both flanged and NPT connections for ease and flexibility of installation. The design is recommended for capacity requirements to 4,400 lb/hr.

TLV Corp.,

Fluidized Bath

Consisting of a loosely packed mass of solid aluminum oxide particles contained in a tank, fluidized bath can be used to clean tools for plastics processing. Bath is heated via radiant heaters on its exterior. The oxide is agitated by vertical airflow, and heat is transferred to the immersed parts through the oxide media.

Techne Inc.,

Waste Heat Recovery System

System is optimized to use available BTUs and redirect them or supplement them to alternate process and plant areas. Custom engineered waste heat recovery system is designed and constructed in-house.

ThermTech Inc.,

Flow Measurement System

Offered in sizes from 0.5 to 12", natural gas HO Series has both MF and flanged end connections. Providing an accuracy of I1% of reading and repeatability of I0.25% over tabulated repeatable range, system is constructed of 316 stainless steel. It has a rate indicator and totalizer that require no external power.

Hoffer Flow Controls Inc.,

Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer

Combining a modular two-bed design and structured ceramic packing material minimizes hourly operating costs when using Roxidizer. A four-way switching valve alternates process airflows between the beds, ensuring high destruction efficiency. Oxidizer handles a range of airflows and can operate fuel-free in destruction mode.

Tellkamp Systems Inc.,

Induction Heating System

Incorporating a range from 100 to 300 kW at frequencies from 3 to 30 kHz, power-integrated Pop-Up induction heating system has three positions. Parts can be loaded above and below the induction coil, and operator interface is performed through a touch screen.

Radyne Corp.,

Chemical Process Pump

Capable of flows to 450 m3/hr and heads to 150 m, Vogel IC Series is suitable for service temperatures from -40 to 351°F (-40 to 177°C) and operating pressures to 16 bar. Hydraulic components such as a precision cast enclosed impeller provide low NPSH and reduced hydraulic loads.

Goulds Pumps,

Induction Heating Power Supply

A streamlined version of a 3 to 100 kHz induction heating power supply is offered in a unitized design. Insulated gate bipolar transistor technology allows for reliability, optimum tuning and load matching. Internal components are downsized and an internal heat station can be included.

Tucker Induction Systems

Vacuum Valve

Designed for semiconductor processes, HPS Jalapeno LoPro is heated to prevent byproduct buildup, which can interfere with the operation of conventional valves. Valve is smaller than standard vacuum poppet valves and requires less space on a system. Angle and inline configurations are offered in NW 25, 40 and 50 sizes.

MKS Instrument, Vacuum Products Group,


Designed with no moving parts, Target accomodates extreme flow range changes typical of summer and winter steam demands. It operates accurately in line sizes ranging from 0.5 to 60", pressures to 10,000 psig and temperatures to 500°F (260°C).

Aaliant Fluid Measurement Solutions,