For more than 30 years, Elan Chemical Co., Newark, N.J., has produced natural and synthetic products for the flavor and fragrance industry. Elan's production of aromatic chemical intermediates for the flavor and fragrance industry accounts for approximately 75 percent of its chemical business, with the remaining 25 percent serving the pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries.

Elan Chemical has purchased the Model TM-305312 three-cell, induced-draft counterflow cooling tower from Delta Cooling Tower, Rockaway, N.J., for its production facility in Newark, N.J. The new tower has a polypropylene structured wet decking and stainless steel hot water distribution system.

Dr. Mat Tezock, C.E., chief plant engineer at Elan, says the Delta cooling tower was selected because of its one-piece, seamless, double-wall, noncorroding polyethylene construction and noncorroding heat transfer medium, which offers "a superior ratio of cooling capacity to body weight, resulting in lower installation and maintenance costs." The cooling tower's all-plastic construction meets the stringent requirements of specialty chemical production, where cooling media circulated through the process frequently is contaminated by traces of process fluids in a wide pH range.