Temperature stability is essential in a heat transfer system. Consult this collection of heat transfer fluids to find those that will benefit your process.

Heat Transfer Fluid For Open Systems

MultiTherm OG-1 is designed for use in liquid-phase heat transfer fluid systems that are open to the atmosphere or where there is a possibility that the heat transfer fluid in the expansion tank will come in contact with air. The fluid is enhanced with oxidation inhibitors to prevent oxidative degradation and deposits in open-loop systems. The heat transfer fluid is designed for a maximum film temperature of 600oF (316oC) and a maximum system bulk temperature of 550oF (288oC). It offers a flashpoint of 455oF (235oC) and firepoint of 520oF (271oC).
MultiTherm Corp.
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Thermal Fluid Heater System Cleaner

Large, continuously operating hot-oil systems can be cleaned without shutdown using Paratherm LC system cleaner liquid. To use it, replace 10 percent of the existing heat transfer fluid with the cleaner fluid and install a 100 micron element in the sidestream filter. The cleaner dissolves accumulated sludge deposits and releases them into the flow, where they are caught and removed by the filter. Filter elements should be progressively reduced over time to 50 micron and 25 micron filters. When circulation continues for a day without requiring changeout of the 25 micron element, the system is ready to be drained and recharged.
Paratherm Corp.
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Synthetic Heat Transfer Fluids
PTT Poly Canada Inc. has selected Therminol heat transfer fluid for use in its plant in Montreal, the world's first large-scale continuous plant to commercially produce polytrimethylene terephthalate (PTT) thermoplastic. The facility will use Therminol 66 and Therminol VP-1 heat transfer fluids to meet demanding high temperature requirements, both in liquid- and vapor-phase operating environments.
Solutia Inc.
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Heat Transfer Fluid with Corrosion Inhibitors
Oxygen and heat transfer fluid surface contact in a system's expansion tank or elsewhere can cause metal corrosion and acidity. Xceltherm 500M inhibits the ability of oxygen to damage system components and the fluid, especially when materials of construction such as copper or brass are present. With an operating range of -80 to 500oF (-62 to 260oC), it can be used for heating or cooling. The operating temperature range allows a system designed for water to run at higher temperatures without pressure by switching to a hot oil product.
Radco Industries Inc.
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Food-Grade Fluids
Company has rebranded its Calflo FG heat transfer fluid to Purity FG heat transfer fluid to better reflect its food-grade attributes. Bringing Calflo FG into the Purity FG family also clarifies that the company offers a line of food-grade products that includes hydraulic fluids, compressor fluids, EP gear fluids, grease, chain fluids, MF aerosol, white mineral oils, trolley fluid and heat transfer fluid. Purity FG products are NSF H1 registered and fit in HACCP and GMP programs. They are certified Kosher and Pareve by Star K.
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Fluids Offered in Many Chemistries
Available in a range of product chemistries, these heat transfer fluids deliver performance characteristics for stability, pressure, pumpability and other system operating requirements. Included are Dowtherm synthetic organic fluids; Syltherm silicone fluids; Ucon polyalkylene glycol-based fluids; and Dowtherm, Dowfrost, Dowcal and Ucartherm inhibited glycol-based fluids. The company's global team of heat transfer experts offers a complete package of technical support.
Dow Chemical Co.
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