From temperature and process controls to power controls and process monitoring equipment, flip though this section to find the devices you need to take control.

Solid-State Relay

Model 11DZ provides on/off control of single-phase resistive loads, outperforming mercury relays, electromechanical contactors and solid-state relay blocks (SSRs) supplied without heat sinks.
Payne Engineering Co.
(304) 757-7353

Combustion Safeguard Control

Protectofier is designed to protect against buildup of combustible fuel mixtures due to flame failure or other faults in ovens and heating equipment. System can monitor one or more burners and will respond to the presence or absence of flame via the flame-rectification principle or ultraviolet scanner sensors.
Protection Controls Inc.
(847) 674-7676

Thermocouple Temperature Switch

Series TCS monitors and controls temperature in heating and cooling applications. Thermocouple temperature switch offers a wide temperature range, two selectable alarm sets and an internal buzzer indicating alarm condition or error. Temperature and output status are indicated on the bright red LED display.
Love Controls, a Division of Dwyer Instruments Inc.
(800) 828-4588

PC-Compatible Temperature Controller

Model 5C7-388 offers input voltage from 12 to 28 V DC. Other features of the thermoelectric temperature controller include 0.1 to 25 A load rating, ability to program using a PC via a RS232 communications port, bidirectional control for heating and cooling applications, and solid-state “H” bridge operation. It controls temperature in the Type T thermocouple range of -328 to 500oF (-200 to 260oC).
Oven Industries Inc.
(717) 766-0721

PID Temperature Control

Series SD family of PID temperature controllers include a universal sensor input with up to three outputs that can be programmed for heat or cool temperature control, as well as operate as process or deviation alarms. Other features of the single-channel controller include EIA 485 Modbus serial communications, proprietary sensor technology that improves sensor accuracy, infrared remote communications, user-definable menu and a “save and restore” feature.
(800) 492-8563 or
(800) 4-WATLOW

Modular Temperature Controller

Geflex combines a PID temperature controller, solid-state relay (5 to 120 A) and current transformer into one DIN-rail-mounted package. It simplifies wiring and installation for multiloop temperature control applications and eliminates the need for panel cutouts required by traditional discrete panel-mounted temperature controllers. Process monitoring and configuration is accomplished at a single flat-panel HMI display. Applications include temperature control for plastic extrusion, plastic hot- runners or any multiloop process.
Gefran ISI Inc.
(781) 729-5249

Intrinsically Safe Pressure Calibrator
Model 718Ex is designed to meet the needs of workers in hazardous environments such as petrochemical plants, oil platforms and refineries, and other locations subject to risk of explosion. The calibrator is certified as “intrinsically safe” and unable to release sufficient energy to cause ignition of flammable material. Available in 30 and 100 psig models, the self-contained calibrator has an on-board pump, simple push-button user interface and a range of selectable measurement units for pressure.
Fluke Corp.
(888) 308-5277

Benchtop Controller
The prewired CSi8D Series comes with a metal case with tilting handle. The benchtop controller's programmable color display has larger-than-normal digits that indicate setpoint and process temperatures simultaneously. The universal sensor input is field-programmable to work with most standard thermocouples, RTDs and voltage or current signals. The unit operates on 90 to 240 VAC at 50/60 Hz.
Omega Engineering Inc.
(203) 359-1660

Retractable Plastic Melt Thermocouples and RTDs
Developed as a research tool to assist in the measurement of temperature gradients in plastic melt streams, retractable temperature assembly allow plastics extruders to take temperature measurements at various depths in the melt stream during full operation, at maximum flow rates and pressures. The retractable sensors allows accurate melt temperature gradients and profiles to be obtained quickly and easily.
Noral Inc.
(216) 831-2345

Combustion Analyzer
CA-Calc provides real-time analysis of flue gases for optimizing the combustion efficiency of boilers, process heaters, furnaces and other combustion appliances. Models range from single-gas analyzers to full-feature analyzers that measure CO, O2, flue draft pressure and temperature, and ambient air temperature, with optional sensors for NO, NO2, SO2 and high CO.
TSI Inc.
(800) 874-2811

SCR Power Controller
RVM Series is offered in three- and single-phase versions rated for 40 A at 660 VAC. The SCR power control offers zero-cross firing for fixed resistance loads and can eliminate the switch-on surge by operating in synchronization with the supply without degrading the electrical environment. It uses a performance-engineered heat sink and thermal transfer technology to generate less heat than other SCR controllers.
Eurotherm Controls, A Unit of Invensys
(703) 443-0000

RTD Probes With Choice of Termination Styles
All of the company's temperature-measurement products are described on a CD-ROM that includes an application index, interactive resource center with scientific calculators and technical papers. Among the products on the CD is a standard RTD probe has a diameter of 0.1875" or 0.25" and a length of 5". It has 36" of Teflon-insulated two-conductor copper extension leads and can be supplied with stainless steel overbraid on the extension leads.
Nanmac Corp.

Low-Voltage Hot-Runner Temperature Control
Series SY dual-voltage hot-runner temperature control system is designed for injection molders who require precise control over hot-runner applications using 240 VAC manifolds with 18 to 45 VAC injection nozzles. The dual output capacity of 240 VAC and 18 to 45 VAC has been combined with a Series RMC or RMB controller module configuration in one mainframe package. Advanced diagnostics can automatically inform the user of fault conditions, including open thermocouple, shorted thermocouple, reversed thermocouple, open heater and high and low process temperature.
Athena Controls Inc.
(610) 828-2490

Universal Flexible Temperature Sensor
In both new and retrofit applications, the Worm flexible sensor installs without removing the transmitter enclosure or thermowell components. Its flexible design installs in minutes and it is available in RTD and thermocouple configurations. It can be trimmed to length (up to 36") to handle nearly every thermowell assembly.
Moore Industries-International Inc.
(818) 894-7111

Temperature Transmitter
SiTrans T3K PA transforms signals from resistance thermometers, resistance transmitters, thermocouples and voltage transmitters into digital signals. The measured value from the microprocessor is transmitted through a Profibus PA signal. The sensor, limit values and failure behavior can be configured through the temperature transmitter's software. It also offers diagnostic and simulation functions.
Siemens Energy & Automation Inc.
(215) 646-7400 x2592

Loop-Powered Infrared Temperature Sensor
A noncontact temperature sensor, Transtemp 1000 Series has temperature limits of -50 to 4,500oF (-45 to 2,500oC) with six selectable infrared spectral filters for application optimization. The two-wire design utilizes 24 VDC power with 4 to 20 mA output and can be used as a direct interface with existing control and data acquisition systems.
Williamson Corp.

Process and Temperature Control Includes Logic Function
In addition to multiloop PID control, CALogix has integral logic functionality to provide enhanced machine control capability. The base unit houses the CPU, power supply and RS485 communications with Modbus RTU protocol. Up to four control modules can be added to each base unit and are available as PID or I/O variations. The PID module has full functionality similar to that of a mid- to high-end profiling temperature/process controller with options for sensor or linear inputs with relay, solid-state relay driver or analog outputs. Features such as PID autotune, heat-cool and up to 31 programmable profiles to a maximum of 126 segments are standard, ensuring that the requirements of most control loops can be met within this module.
Cal Controls
(847) 680-7080

Overtemperature Protection
Line of thermal protectors and temperature-limiting switches has features such as small size and rugged mechanical construction to withstand external forces. The twin disc switching system provides reliable performance without temperature drift. Quick response is ensured by the favorable heat transfer from the switch surface to the bimetal disc and the low switch mass.
Thermik Corp.
(800) 624-3292

Microprocessor-Based Process Controller
AccuCon7600 offers features such as fuzzy logic, PID with autotune, universal input, universal output and retransmission output. The microprocessor-based temperature and process controller is housed in a 1/4 DIN case with shallow 4.37" (111 mm) depth to ease installation into tight locations. Available temperature inputs include Type K, J, E, N, C, T, R, S and B thermocouples and 100 ? JIS/DIN RTD sensors.
Brighton Electronics Inc.
(503) 624-7116

Individual Heater Temperature Control
Centipede allows independent PID temperature control for the company's cloth heating jackets using RTD sensors. Jacket systems equipped with the control provide heating solutions for any pipe system configuration at temperatures up to 1,094oF (590oC).
BH Thermal
(614) 294-3376

Electromechanical and Electronic Controls
Company offers four groups of key technologies: heating technology, sensors and controls, gas technology and motors and blowers. Each of these core groups also can commingle in design development as well.
Davidon Industries Inc.
(401) 737-8380

Needle Sensor
Needle sensor can be used to effectively monitor temperature in an insertion-based application. Made of stainless-steel alloy, the sensor has a fast response time, ensuring accurate temperature readings in as little as a quarter of a second. The user may choose between a full hypodermic-grade needle or a soft stainless steel temper that allows bending and shaping to fit the application. The sensor is offered in three different configurations: blunt, sharp or hypodermic sharp. All sensors are supplied in any diameter and length.
Electronic Development Labs (EDL)
(800) 342-5335

Infrared Thermocouple
Micro IRt/c 4-K-440F/220C and microIRt/c 4SV-K-440F/220C have a 4:1 field of view (distance: spot size ratio). The infrared thermocouples are offered in straight- and side-view mounts.
Exergen Corp.
(800) 422-3006

Temperature Controller
Series 59 displays temperature and other parameters on large, easy-to-read LEDs and provides accurate, stable control. Temperature is sensed by a thermistor, RTD, thermocouple or solid-state relay, and it can be used to turn a heater or refrigeration unit on or off as programmed. Differential and setpoint offset values are adjustable, permitting application-specific programming for stable control and less frequent cycling. Settings can be tamperproof, factory preset or field adjustable.
(508) 881-2000