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Ovens for Many Applications

Company offers broad range of industrial ovens, including continuous models custom-designed for the specific application. The gas-fired drive-shaft tempering oven shown achieved a uniformity of +/-2oF at 450oF (232oC). The parts were conveyed through the oven on a custom-designed part holder riding on a two-chain conveyor. Other heat-processing equipment can be used for metal finishing, preheating, solder reflow, composite curing, drying, aging, sterilizing and shrink-fitting. Equipment can be heated by gas (direct and indirect), electric and steam with temperature ratings to 1,400oF (760oC).
Wisconsin Oven
(262) 642-3938

Custom Ovens and Dryers

Designed to utilize specific combinations of radiant and air-impingement systems to satisfy the user's process requirements, custom ovens and dryers ensure product uniformity and maximize production. Suited for use in chemical, food, finishing, plastics and rubber, and textile operations, the ovens and dryers range in size from high volume to small batch or lab prototype.
Lanly Co.
(216) 731-1115

Infrared Oven

BT Series uses a refractory board reflector that can withstand a much higher temperature than a metallic reflector. The unit requires no air or water cooling and is designed to operate continuously in a high temperature environment. Because cooling is not required, airflow does not contaminating the product and the system has a smaller profile. The infrared heater can be used as a stand-alone oven, or it can be designed as a booster system to augment an existing process. Because of its design, it also can be mounted inside a convection oven.
Fostoria Industries
(419) 435-9201

3-Zone Heater

Black Flash BF3-4500S puts heat just where you need it -- over a pocket, at the bottom of a garment, or over an entire imprinted area. With this design, you save on energy, reduce heat on your platens, and produce a cooler work area. The three-zone heater can be positioned into the aluminum frames for convenient application with an automatic printer.
BBC Industries Inc.
(800) 654-4205

Infrared Curing Tower

High intensity infrared tower uses short-wave infrared heaters and a drive system to cure silicone tubing at adjustable rates. A driven capstan wheel pulls the extrusion from the die up through the heaters. The intense (91.2 kW), focused, infrared heat ensures that the tubing reaches green strength quickly, which maintains the desired diameter and wall thickness of the extrusion. Process controls are mounted in a NEMA 12 enclosure on the tower. Product heating is controlled by a closed-loop feedback system using an optical pyrometer for noncontact product temperature measurement and SCR power controllers to regulate power to the heaters.
Glenro Inc.
(800) 922-0106

Custom Oven

Custom-designed system runs continuously to process adhesive curing prior to rubber being injection molded along the edge of a sheet of glass. An advanced microprocessor control console provides programmable, pinpoint temperature and belt-speed control. The oven can be interfaced with robots to operate with little human intervention. Infrared heat panels, convection heat or gas energy is used to supply the heat needed to operate almost any heat process up to 550oF (288oC).
Hix Corp.
(620) 231-8568

Airless Dryer

Developed and tested by Keith Engineering Ltd., Sydney, Australia, the Keith airless dryer uses superheated steam at atmospheric pressure as the drying medium. It is noted for reducing air pollution and process odors, and the airless dryer does not require odor control equipment. Moisture from the product is condensed and noncondensables are ducted to the burners. Because superheated steam is used for drying, the risk of fire is greatly reduced and oxidation-sensitive products are not placed at risk.
Dupps Co.
(937) 855-6555

Custom Conveyor Oven

Custom-designed conveyor works with a continuous production oven with heating and cooling sections. The conveyor provides three lanes of product in a racetrack pattern, which provides large production volumes utilizing minimal floor space. The company has designed and manufactured thousands of ovens for integration into customer-unique processes.
Gruenberg Oven
(888) 611-6836

Vertical Tower Oven for Drying/Curing

Drying and curing oven incorporates medium-wavelength infrared Type QF heaters. The panel heater delivers radiant heat across the full area of its face. The medium-wavelength energy generated is readily absorbed by water and most products, allowing high drying efficiencies. Hot air is recirculated to enhance drying and save energy. The combination of infrared and air improves drying efficiency by breaking the boundary layer and removing the vapor from the heater area.
Radiant Energy Systems Inc.
(800) 486-7786

Catalytic Infrared Ovens

Paint drying infrared oven line includes dry-off, powder gel/ramp and cure ovens. Other models include continuous and batch convection cure ovens, combination systems, infrared retrofits and portable cure units. Long-wave catalytic infrared ovens reduce curing times of waterborne, powder and most other coatings.
Catalytic Industrial Systems
(800) 835-0557

Infrared Ovens

Company offers a range of infrared equipment in many sizes and configurations. Infrared technology allows faster heating than convection ovens, decreasing oven floor-space requirements by 75 percent to 90 percent. Heating can be provided by either gas catalytic or electric infrared, in long, medium or short wave, and they can be combined with convection as necessary.
Wisconsin Infrared Systems,
a Wisconsin Oven Corp. Co.
(262) 642-4200

Dryers Optimize Uniformity
Cascade dryer has a multi-deck, continuous batch, vertical design that permits quick product changeover, good moisture control and high energy efficiencies. Design also reduces floor space, maintenance and cleaning demands. It can be equipped with an integral cooler section with internal ducting, recirculation fans and heat zones.
Wenger Manufacturing Inc.
(816) 891-9272

Custom Ovens
Conveyor, batch/walk-in, laboratory and specialty ovens can be specified in temperatures up to 2,000oF (1,093oC). Airflows are offered in horizontal, vertical or a combination of the two in electric, gas or steam models. Standard on/off or fully programmable controls can be specified to suit customer requirements. Multiple heating and cooling zones are possible.
Davron Technologies Inc.
(888) 781-0836

Stackable Burn-In Chambers
RBCI-50 offers flexibility for small-lot qualification testing, burn-in, reliability testing and research and development in the semiconductor industry and other production environments. The burn-in chamber has an automatically modulated damper for energy efficiency and an open rear wall for quick and easy fixturing. Available in temperatures up to 302oF (150oC), the chambers are suitable for high dissipation applications.
Despatch Industries
(612) 781-5363

Impingement Fluidized Bed Dryers and Toasters
AeroFlow fluid-bed system uses high velocity air-jets from nozzles above the conveyor to impinge air through the product bed and onto a nonperforated conveyor. This creates a gentle tumbling action as the product bed is fluidized and dried. The air-to-product fluidization throughout the product bed results in good heat transfer and helps produce the desired product texture, color and flavor development. Product is conveyed through the dryer or toaster using a natural frequency designed vibrating pan conveyor.
Aeroglide Corp.
(919) 851-2000

2-Zone Electric Belt Conveyor Oven
An electrically heated, two-zone 350oF (177oC) belt conveyor oven, No. 924 is used for preheating molds. Workspace dimensions measure 24" x 5' in the first zone and 24" x 20' in the second zone; both are 15" high. The belt conveyor oven has 4" thick insulated walls, an aluminized steel interior and exterior, and an 18" wide, 1 x 1" heavy-duty flat wire conveyor belt.
Grieve Corp.
(847) 546-8225

Drying Systems
Used to remove water from wet commodities for the manufacture of usable dry products, drying system designs include triple- and single-pass models as well as flash tube dryers. Each is built to exacting standards, and a range of sizes is offered to suit a specific application.
M-E-C Co.
(620) 325-2673

Indirectly Heated Rotary Calciners
Designed to provide an efficient means for continuously processing granular materials and powders at high temperatures in oxidizing, inert or reducing environments, rotary calciner consists of a cylindrical rotating tube housed in a refractory-lined gas or electric furnace, positively sealed to prevent air infiltration. Product quality is optimized by a design that establishes and maintains the temperature profiles required of the process. The internal-flight design promotes a gentle tumbling action and provides uniform exposure and efficient heat transfer.
Alstom Power Inc., Air Preheater Co., Raymond Operations
(630) 971-2500

Batch Ovens
Each batch oven in line is designed around the heating requirements of the application. Electrically or steam heated or gas-fired, each oven offers uniform heating capabilities up to 800oF (427oC), precise temperature control and any airflow pattern. Rugged, all-welded carbon steel construction ensures durability.
Benko Products Inc.
(440) 934-2180

Continuous Drying Process Reaches Low Moisture Levels
Drying to moistures of 0.5 to 0.1 percent or lower requires uniform heating and residence time. Paddle dryer allows you to reach these objectives with an indirectly heated continuous process. The mixing action of the paddle dryer's dual intermeshing agitators with heated wedge-shaped paddles provides for uniform heat transfer. Because the product moves through the dryer by displacement, residence time is controlled by the feed rate. Heating can be achieved with steam or thermal fluid at temperatures up to 750oF (399oC).
(908) 234-1000

Solvent Recovery Drying
Conical dryers/mixers are designed for processing active pharmaceutical intermediates and chemicals in pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing. Typical duties are drying under vacuum, solvent recovery, mixing/blending and liquid or gas injection. Conical dryers can dry down to the lowest levels of moisture content and gently handle the product to avoid damaging sensitive materials.
(856) 317-9960

Electric Infrared Oven
Electric infrared heating elements and heater modules are suited for use in process ovens for applications of up to 1,000oF (538oC). Heater design includes an aluminized steel cabinet to serve as a structural member in the construction of the oven. The heater uses no moving parts, and the self-contained insulation provides operating efficiency.
Intek Corp.
(636) 584-8500

Web Drying System
Convective air-drying systems are suited for use in the paper, paperboard, converting and metals industries. Custom-engineered drying and cooling systems can be used for drying, curing, cooling, noncontact web support and web turning.
International Thermal Systems LLC
(414) 672-7700

Dryer, Dehydrator
Harvest Saver has the ability to dry a variety of products ranging from pineapple to wildflowers. The cabinet dryer has fixed racks and capacity for 14 trays. Features include thermostatic temperature control, stainless steel interior and exterior sheeting, fully insulated enclosure, four-speed fan, electric heating coils (220 V, single-phase) and an adjustable fresh air inlet to provide humidity control.
Commercial Dehydrator Systems Inc.
(800) 369-4283

Dielectric Heating System
The all-stainless-steel MagnaBake post-bake dryer has been designed for maximum hygiene required in modern biscuit plants. The dielectric system is intended to provide a flexible solution specific to the customer's requirements.
Radyne Strayfield
(414) 481-8360

Reflow Ovens
Low velocity nitrogen convection reflow oven can meet the high volume production rates of tin/lead (SnPb) and lead-free ball-attach processes. ChipFlo6HT is designed for high volume ball-attach production in cleanrooms, and its small footprint and features make it well-suited for semiconductor packaging. Standard features include six vertical zones, closed-loop edge-heat control, 842oF (450oC) setpoints, and a built-in closed-loop refrigerated chiller.
Conceptronic and Research International,
Divisions of CVD Equipment Corp.
(631) 981-7081

Thermal Processing Systems
Rotary dryers, coolers, kilns and calciners as well as specialized fluidized bed units can be used to process bulk solids materials. Each system is developed with efficiency, durability and process flexibility in mind. Thermal system configurations include parallel or counter-current flow as well as indirectly fired.
Feeco International Inc.
(920) 468-1000

Specialty Ovens and Conveyor Systems
Systems can be used to dry and cure liquid and powder coatings as well as adhesives on metal, wood or plastic parts. Conveyors can be custom spindle, indexing, flat-belt or overhead. Specialty fixturing can be designed to hold or mask the product. Oven systems may utilize long-, medium- or short-wavelength infrared, electric or gas, and in combination with convection.
Casso-Solar Corp.
(800) 988-4455

Top-Driven Spherical Dryer
With a compact design and close agitator-to-wall tolerance, this top- driven, spherical batch vacuum dryer is designed to minimize skin formation and allow maximum cleanability. The contoured discharge valve on the low point of the vessel ensures complete product discharge. The bottom half of the spherical vessel is swivel-mounted to simplify inspection and maintenance.
De Dietrich Process Systems Inc., Rosenmund Div.
(704) 587-0440

Dryer For Multiple Processing Functions
Ploughshare homogeneously mixes dry ingredients, injects liquids and vacuum-dries the material to a final product. The vacuum dryer creates a mechanically fluidized bed mix-action that rapidly mixes the dry solids and facilitates quick and even dispersion of added liquids. Optimizing the drying process, the dryer's high-speed choppers deagglomerate and control particle size. The unit can be configured with a heating jacket, pulseback filter and vacuum system.
Littleford Day Inc.
(800) 365-8555

Drying, Curing Systems
ModuleDryer dries and turns a product up to 180o and is designed to be used in the paper, converting, textile and nonwovens industries.
Spooner Industries Inc.
(920) 336-2010

Gas Catalytic Ovens
Air-enhanced catalytic gas infrared ovens and process heating systems can be used for dryoff, preheat, gel and curing of liquid or powder coatings. The oven's main heat source is from the company's ThermCat catalytic gas emitters. The curing process is enhanced by the use of a directional recirculated hot-air system. It is constructed modularly, allowing the structure and electronic controls to be easily extended.
Scottcan Industries Ltd.

Microwave Oven
Microwave and radio frequency industrial heat processing equipment line includes a continuous microwave oven system designed to handle large products. The modular design allows it to handle a range of products. Modules can be added as required by the application. Each module is powered by a separate microwave source, either 75 or 100 kW. The system is PLC controlled.
Thermex-Thermatron Inc.
(631) 231-7800

Infrared Preheat Oven System
Clamshell horizontal continuous coil infrared preheat oven system is designed to preheat prepainted continuous coils prior to cutting and roll-forming the material horizontally or vertically. The system has fast response, electric infrared heaters and controls, an exhaust system and an insulated oven enclosure. The clamshell design eases product threading.
David Weisman LLC
(203) 322-9978

Tilt-A-Mix utilizes a mechanical fluidized bed agitation principle. The action is generated by the rotation of an agitator within the confines of a horizontal mixing chamber. Material is constantly moving in an axial and radial motion. Multi-processing, precision mixing, wet agglomeration, drying and chemical reactions can be accomplished with one system.
Processall Inc.
(513) 771-2266

Walk-In Ovens
Gas-fired and electric-heated ovens deliver uniform temperatures from slightly above ambient to 1,250oF (676oC). Features of the line of walk-in ovens include horizontal/vertical airflow with adjustable air ducts and insulated floors. Options include cart guide tracks, temperature recorders and programmers, full horizontal airflow, and shelf-, hanging- or flat-bed racks. Each oven is assembled, wired and tested at maximum temperature prior to shipping. In addition, the blower is checked for balance and the temperature controller is calibrated.
Precision Quincy Corp.
(815) 338-2675