Infrared, immersion, circulation, tubular or coil -- this section includes several different shapes, sizes and types of heaters.

Heat Tracing for Fire Protection Systems

Recent changes in many city fire codes have required that heating cables used for freeze protection of fire protection system piping carry a special UL listing specific to fire protection system piping. Company has obtained this UL listing for Models SRL-C, SRL-CR, SRL-CT, SRM/E-C, SRM/E-CT, SRF-C and SRF-CR heat trace cables. The self-regulating heating cables utilize a special semiconductive polymer core matrix bonded to the conductors, which minimizes the risk of an overtemperature condition.

Adhesive Curing and Drying

DryIR Model 6040 can concentrate infrared heat directly to the desired area, resulting in immediate evaporation. It is designed for drying applications that require a clean, responsive, noncontact heat source on target areas up to 4" (102 mm) wide. It is suited for water- and solvent-based drying as well as adhesive curing. The infrared energy emitted from each heater can be adjusted to match the specific heating requirements.
Research Inc.
(952) 941-3330

Thermal Fluid Heater

Designed for high temperature industrial process applications, Twin-Coil HYT heater has two close-wound helical coils to provide thermal efficiency in a compact package. The internal use of a ceramic fiber blanket in place of cast refractory reduces weight and maintenance. Built with a rugged design, it is suitable for use with a range of fuels and thermal fluids.
General Combustion Corp.

Flanged Immersion Heater

Offered in a range of rates, sizes and materials, flanged immersion heater is adaptable to the heating requirements of water, oil and other liquid solutions as well as air and gases. The heater is designed for through-the-side mounting in tanks and vessels using standard pipe flanges.
Heatrex Inc.
(814) 724-1800

Thermal Fluid Heater

Available in a fuel-fired coil design, thermal fluid heater provides 800,000 to 14 million BTU/hr output and oil temperatures up to 750oF (399oC). The heater operates in a closed-loop system, pumping hot oil to and from process tanks, presses, baths, fryers, ovens, drying units or reactors. Temperature can be controlled to +/-2oF, and high temperatures at low system pressures can be achieved.
Fulton Thermal Corp.
(315) 298-5121

Quartz Mini-Tube Infrared Heater

Suited for systems requiring small area zoning and close control of process, KTE E-Mitter is offered in standard industry sizes and ratings up to 60 W/in2. Interchangeable with the company's ceramic heaters, it is offered in two mounting styles: single-point ceramic header with clip(s) in center of unit or two 10/32 x 1" studs on centerline. With medium-wavelength output (2 to 8 micron), it is suitable for horizontal or vertical operation with tubes in horizontal plane.
Tempco Electric Heater Corp.
(630) 477-3344

Silicone Rubber Heater

Rugged and resistant to moisture and chemicals, the heater is thin and flexible to allow it to be used in flat positions or wrapped around curved and irregular shapes. With a maximum operating temperature of 450oF (232oC), the heater can incorporate thermostats, thermistors and sensors into its design.
Technical Heaters Inc./Thermolab
(800) 394-9435

Process Air, Gas Heaters

For direct-fired gas-heating applications, these heaters provide high temperatures without air preheat in a packaged design. The heaters come in sizes to 25 million BTU/hr for applications such as air separation, fuel gas heating, regeneration gas heating, steam superheating and other vapor-phase, direct-heating processes.
GTS Energy Inc.
(877) 487-4328

Oil Immersion and Fintube Heaters

Designed for oil preheating, oil baths and other heat transfer fluids, oil immersion heaters have a tubular heater design while fintube heaters include an aluminum flange welded to longitudinal finned tubing. Fins increase the surface area, lowering the watts per square inch and enabling a higher kilowatt rating to be used in a shorter length.
Trent Inc.
(215) 482-5000

Quartz Lamp Infrared Heater

Model QRH1 has translucent fused quartz that provides efficient heat transfer capability. Lamp assemblies are available from 12.625 to 32.75", 500 to 2,500 W and 120 to 480 V. Assemblies include rugged aluminum housing with a polished reflector.
Ogden Manufacturing Co.
(847) 593-8050

Heaters and Blowers
Hot air blowers and heaters are designed for continuous operation and installation in machines and equipment in various drying and heating processes. Equipment is suitable for shrinking and welding packaging films and molded parts.
Leister Process Technologies
(+41) 662 7474

Convection and Infrared in One Heater
Model FBA has all of the characteristics of the company's F-Series along with holes drilled in the heater face to allow for forced air. The purpose of the forced air is to either protect sensitive material, improve drying or to provide combination infrared/convection heating.
Solar Products Inc.
(973) 248-9370

Cartridge Heater
Designed for maximum temperature, heat transfer and heater life, the 0.125" Superwatt optimizes heat transfer from the resistance wire to the sheath. Suitable applications include dies, plastic molding, instrumentation and packaging machinery.
Hotwatt Inc.
(978) 777-0070

Gas Coolers and Heaters
Process gas coolers and heaters provide transitions on both ends to mate to process piping. Each transition is customized to properly distribute air across the finned tube bundle and minimize pressure drop. Removable-core design allows heat exchange elements to be cleaned or inspected in a minimal amount of time.
Aerofin Corp.

Thermal Fluid and Process Heating System
Complete fuel-fired three-pass low pressure hot oil heating system provides temperatures up to 750oF (399oC). Offered in sizes ranging from 400,000 to more than 75 million BTU/hr, efficiency can exceed 90 percent. Heating applications include presses, rolls, tanks and reactors, kilns, dryers, fuel heating, glycol solutions, process air and steam generation.
Thermal Fluid Systems Inc.
(770) 425-5556

Infrared Heater
Infraround Series is a medium-wavelength infrared emitter composed of long-life elements mounted to proprietary ceramic cylinders. Designed specifically for the wire and cable industry and for curing extruded rubber and synthetic shapes, the heater can be mounted horizontally or vertically and can be stacked end to end, and it has intermediate exhaust ports. Unit is available in diameters from 2 to 10".
Process Thermal Dynamics
(800) 793-2077

Flanged Heaters for Air, Gases and Liquids
Flanged heaters can be used to heat air, gas and aqueous solutions. The heaters are manufactured in more than 4,300 different configurations with capacities from 1 to 1,200 kW. Each configuration is available in NEMA 12, 4 and 7. Heater flange is supplied in sizes up to 36" dia.; immersion length is 9 to 180". Materials of construction can include 316 stainless steel, Incoloy, Monel and Hastelloy.
Gaumer Process Heaters, Systems & Controls
(800) 460-5200

Explosion-Proof Pipe-Thread Heaters
Explosion-proof pipe-thread immersion heaters are CSA approved for use in hazardous areas classified as Class I, Division 1, Groups B, C and D, and Class II, Division 1, Groups E, F and G. Heaters are provided with 304 stainless steel fittings and elements suitable for NEMA 3 and corrosive environments. Construction features include 2 or 2.5" NPT fittings, 0.475" dia. compacted tubular elements, repressed U-bends, nested third element with spacer for structural strength and either a 0 to 100oF (-17 to 38oC) or 60 to 250oF (15 to 121oC) process thermostat. They are designed to be permanently mounted in a horizontal position above the anticipated sludge level and are approved for operation in a maximum ambient temperature of 104oF (40oC).
(314) 644-4300

Air Heater
Designed for forced- or compressed-air operation, Heat Torch can help users improve performance and reliability. Rugged heater is offered in a range of standard configurations and can be customized to meet unique requirements. Application assistance and control packages are offered.
Farnam Custom Products
(828) 684-3766

Electric Strip Heaters
Manufactured under the Caloritech brand, line of electric strip heaters is suitable for process applications such as surface heating on platens, dies, molds, presses, tanks and piping as well as process air heating in drying cabinets, baking ovens and vacuum dehydrating ovens. Heaters can be provided with fins to improve heat transfer in air-heating applications. They are corrosion resistant, able to withstand severe vibration conditions and provide uniform heat distribution over the entire active surface.
CCI Thermal Technologies Inc.
(800) 410-3131

Flanged Immersion Heater
Consisting of a standard 150 or 300 lb flange for mounting as well as the company's drywell, low density heating elements, heater is designed for tanks, large vats and reservoirs. The drywells allow the elements to be serviced or replaced without draining the tank, reducing downtime. Low watt-density keeps the element sheath temperature low, thereby reducing the chance of coking or heater buildup. The flange and heater tubes are constructed of mild or stainless steel, depending on the application.
Process Heating Co.
(206) 682-3414

Gas-Fired Infrared Heater
FiberGas-II Matrix can be used in drying and curing applications such as curing coated electrodip galvanized strips of various widths, thicknesses and web spreads with a maximum line speed of 300 ft/min. The curing system includes a control system for closed-loop control and cut-off zones. Burner is designed with a high temperature alloy matrix panel that provides even distribution and proper air fuel velocities. It achieves 48,000 BTU/ft2-hr, reaches 90 percent power from cold startup within 10 sec and shuts down from 90 percent power to cool to touch in 10 sec.
Casso-Solar Corp.
(800) 988-4455

Over-the-Side Heater
Designed to be a solution to problematic electric process heating applications in existing and new tanks where tank penetration is not practical, over-the-side heater is built to suit. Integral sludge legs keep the element free of contaminant buildup on tank bottom and support the heaters.
Warren Electric Corp.
(401) 245-3700

Electric Process Heater
Offered in a NEMA 4/7 version, IntegraHeat electric process heater operates directly in contact with a process. The process can be flowing (circulation heater), static (immersion heater) or boiling (vaporizer). Common process fluids are fuel gas, water, fuel oil, nitrogen, air, ammonia and other petrochemical fluids.
Integrated Flow Solutions
(713) 956-9473

Single-Sided Heaters
PTC heater design simplifies the connection between the PTC element and the medium to be heated. With the single-sided heater design, the bottom side of the thermistor element is isolated electrically from the top side but heat transfer is not affected. PTC elements can be soldered, epoxied or spring-mounted to the interface. It is self-regulating when operated above its switch temperature.
Advanced Thermal Products
(814) 834-1541

Tubing Wrapped with Heat Tape
Hot Tube manufacturing process allows the user to specify tubing be precisely wrapped with any resistance of the company's precision heat tape. User specifies the input voltage, wattage or temperature requirements, methods of control and ambient conditions. Tubing can be supplied as assemblies, bulk coils of heat-traced tubing or custom adhesive-backed tape assemblies with leads.
Clayborn Lab
(530) 587-4700

Flex Cable Heater
Flexible, high-watt electric cable heater can be supplied formed-to-spec or field-formable for applications such as trace heating, freeze protection, semiconductor manufacturing processes, hot-runner plastic molding, packaging, tube or pipe heating, vacuum chambers and various immersion heaters. The sealed leadwire transition eliminates contamination, and operating temperatures to 1,500oF (815oC) are achievable.
Durex Industries
(800) 762-3468

Single-Element Bench Heat Tool
A quiet, quick alternative to a heat gun, Glo-Ring heat tool is suited for shrinking lengths of heat-shrink tubing onto cable assemblies and wire harnesses. It focuses infrared heat onto the work piece with temperatures up to 1,500oF (815oC). Heat intensity is adjustable to suit various applications. Quartz heating elements and custom element configurations are available.
Eraser Co.
(315) 454-3237

Custom Heating Jackets
Custom jackets heat as well as insulate, increasing convenience and operating safety. In addition, they provide clean, even heat, eliminate hot spots, require low maintenance, are clean-room compatible and constructed of durable materials. They can be designed to achieve temperatures of up to 1,112oF (600oC).
Glas-Col LLC
(812) 235-6167

Miniature Hot Air Tool
Suitable for heat-staking or thermally riveting plastics, drying adhesives and inks, soldering and de-soldering, and shrink packaging, the Leister Labo compact hot air tool is capable of reaching 1,150oF (621oC) with airflows that can be adjusted from a whisper to 10 cfm. Offered in two versions, it requires a compressed air line or blower.
Malcom Hot Air Systems
(888) 807-4030

Continuous-Duty Heat Blower
Masterflow offers whisper-quiet operation with a brushless, continuous-duty, induction-type motor that delivers 47 cfm airflow through its 2" dia. nozzle. The heat blower is available in three models at temperatures of 300, 500 and 750oF (150, 260 and 400oC). All are fitted on rubber-padded adjustable bases which allow 90o rotation.
Master Appliance Corp.
(800) 558-941

Deionized Water Heater
Tytan is designed for industrial inline water heating requiring precise temperature control and optimum cleanliness. Heated water improves cleaning effectiveness and reduces rinse time in most processes. Rugged, heavy-wall element construction ensures troublefree operation and long life. The all-titanium heating elements provide clean performance for precision cleaning applications. Units are wall mounted up to 72 kW and floor mounted up to 144 kW.
Process Technology
(440) 946-9500

Tubular Heating Elements
Available in a variety of stainless steel sheath materials, 0.625" dia. tubular heating elements offer a more robust construction than smaller diameter elements when used in thermoforming, process heating and immersion applications.
Springfield Wire Inc.

Ceramic-Sheathed Immersion Heater
Designed to supply temperatures up to 2,100oF (1,149oC) for direct immersion in processes, ceramic sheath heater is suitable molten metal baths, abrasive or corrosive service, and high pressure, vacuum and other extreme temperature applications. The thermally conductive nature of the ceramic sheath reduces the temperature gradient between core and sheath temperatures. Cold ohms standard specifications are +10/-5 percent without annealing the coils. The zoned construction allows for multiple coil configurations, which can provide multizone heating with varying heat flux along the length of the heater.
(800) 443-2640

Lamps Provides Portable Heat
HL2 hand-held heater provides portable heat for a applications such as plastics curing and forming, laboratory testing, paint removal and stripping. Two clear, high-intensity 500 W tubular quartz heat lamps provide instant electric infrared heat and produce surface temperatures of 680oF (360oC) within 2.5 min. It has two heat ranges: low intensity (one heat lamp switched on) and high intensity (two heat lamps switched on). Heat intensity is controllable with the built in variable power controller.
Eraser Co.