More tools for your tool box

If a brown-haired girl carrying a yellow toolbox shows up at your plant asking to tinker with your heat processing equipment, please don't turn her away. After reading the great articles we have for you in this issue, I've just got to get my hands on some equipment and give these tips a try!

In “10 Tips: Oven Safety,” Alan Smetana of Cleveland-based Feco, A Park-Ohio Co., notes that safe, effective oven operation requires more than just hitting a switch -- regularly inspecting and testing your oven's safety controls should be a regular part of your oven safety procedures.

In “10 Tips: Efficient Burner Operation and Selection,” Jeff Rafter of Maxon Corp., Muncie, Ind., asserts that inefficient combustion heating systems could be costing you money and manpower. To help mitigate increases in fuel costs, Rafter offers 10 ways to improve burner operation.

If you're having trouble with your metal coils, Steve Smith of Process Technology, Mentor, Ohio, offers “10 Tips: Troubleshooting Metal Coils.” According to Smith, troubleshooting your metal coil heat exchangers is easy if you know what the signs and symptoms are telling you.

Designing, building and operating a thermal oil heat transfer system can be cost-effective if planned properly from the start. So says Mark E. Smith of MultiTherm LLC, Malvern, Pa., in “10 Tips: Hot Oil Systems.” Smith starts with common design layouts and continues through operations, cleaning and troubleshooting to provide 10 ways to help you maximize your investment.

Finally, in “10 Tips: Maximizing Heater Performance,” Rich Hartfelder of St.Louis-based Watlow acknowledges that many process and plant engineers do not give much thought to the heaters operating within their processes and applications -- unless those heaters fail, require significant maintenance or cause other problems. Following a few simple guidelines will reduce the likelihood of heater-related issues, Hartfelder says.


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