Ten heat-protective fabric materials from Auburn Manufacturing, including this welding blanket, now meet FM Approval Standard 4950.
A new hot work standard -- FM Global Approval Standard 4950 -- is aimed at reducing the risk of fire during hot work such as welding. The standard was developed as a result of an extensive study into the causes of industrial hot work loss incidents, together with demand by FM Global's own insurance clients for guidance in developing better corporate policies covering hot work management.

Auburn Manufacturing Inc. (AMI), Mechanic Falls, Maine, is the first company to have its heat-resistant fabrics tested and approved to the standard. The new approval ratings attained for 10 Auburn products will help companies in selecting the proper protective fabric for a particular application, thereby lessening the risk of fire and damage to their facilities and equipment, and of injury to their workers.

AMI's approved products include welding pads, blankets and curtains, produced with a variety of fibers and coatings, and designed for different applications and levels of heat exposure and resistance. All of these products will now bear the FM Global “Approval Mark” issued by FM Approvals, and will be listed in a published FM Approved Products Guide.

FM Global's evaluation process, conducted over a seven-month period, subjected AMI's products to intense fire/thermal resistance and charring embrittlement tests as well as to 1,000 hours of accelerated weathering exercises (including exposure to ultraviolet light and elevated humidity). In addition, FM Global inspected and observed AMI's manufacturing operations and will continue to do so in order to maintain the approval status.