Fully revamped, www.fecoweb.com gives its visitors a lot for the time they spend on the web site. Oven maker Feco, a Park-Ohio Co. in Cleveland, invested heavily in an update earlier this year, which translates into a big plus for oven buyers.

If you're in the market for a new oven, you can do some experimenting with equipment features to home in on a Feco oven all on your own. There's a “Configure Your Oven” window right on the home page, where you select the type of oven, industry it will be used in, production rate, loading method and controls. The built-in setup keeps you from getting ahead of yourself. You can't move to the next configuration requirement until the one just before has been selected. Once all your requirements are selected, click on the “configure” button and Feco automatically matches your selections with one of its ovens. You'll find an image of the oven along with its specs. Feco includes helpful additional information that might play into a buyer's decision. For example, in its oven descriptions, Feco lists components, often including their OEM names, such as Watlow's electric heaters, Honeywell's microprocessor-based temperature controller, Allen Bradley's touch screen, New York Blower's fans and Siemens' variable-speed conveyor motors. These easily recognizable names lend additional credibility to an already well-established oven company.

Once you are on any page beyond the home page, you can do a site search with key words or phrases. You also can use the site map for an at-a-glance look at what Feco offers online. Using the site map also provides a full view of the Feco library's contents. Sizing a burner for a continuous system? Need the temperature curve between two points? Click on “Calculators/Formulas” for some fun while actually working. Feco has set up calculators in Excel so you can plug in your numbers and get immediate answers.

There's more on www.fecoweb.com, so explore for yourself.