Indeeco, a family-owned and operated manufacturer with headquarters in St. Louis, is celebrating its 75th anniversary. This is a major milestone for the privately held company, which has four production facilities located throughout Missouri.

Over the years, Indeeco has been recognized as an innovator in the design and production of a full range of electric industrial heating equipment, including tubular/

finned tubular elements, immersion heaters, circulation heaters, heat transfer systems and process air heaters.

“Because of our ability to custom design and produce a variety of high quality industrial systems, we are often brought onto a project as a partner rather than a vendor,” said Brian Walsh, president of Indeeco. “This level of attention to our clients is what has kept us competitive throughout the years.”

Indeeco was first established in 1929, just 18 days after the stock market crashed. Milton Epstein and a partner filed incorporation papers for a new enterprise called Industrial Engineering and Equipment Company (INDEECO). Mil-

ton Epstein, an accomplished mechanic and engineer, began making heating elements of his own unique designs in his basement. Early customers included bakeries using heating elements to seal waxed paper around freshly baked breads. He also made elements used to cure glue in shoe manufacturing. The company would later hold the nation's first open coil duct heater patent and work with the Underwriters Laboratories to set the standards for those products. Over the years, Indeeco expanded exponentially.

Today, the company employs 250 skilled workers, and its staff of sales professionals, engineers, technicians, ASME-certified welders, quality assurance inspectors, assemblers and fabricators works together to provide custom turnkey heating solutions worldwide.