Find out how our new Web Card allows you to request product information more quickly using the Internet.

Five years ago, who would have thought that we'd be using a computer to order office supplies, shop for furniture or even bargain for bulk chemicals? The explosive growth of the Internet has led to the development of thousands of e-commerce sites offering everything from dog food to electronic testing equipment. Most assuredly, not all of these sites will be around five years from now. But, those that provide a valuable service in an innovative, effective manner could very well become the new titans of industry.

It is that goal - to provide a valuable service in an innovative yet effective manner - that prompted us to develop our Web Card, an online version of the Reader Service Card. Now, instead of circling or writing in numbers on the printed card inserted in the magazine, you can go online to request spec sheets, brochures and other materials from the companies mentioned on these pages each month.

Beginning with this issue, Process Heating 's Web Card will allow you to utilize the Internet to request more information about the products and services you read about in Process Heating . Accessed through Process Heating 's home page (, the Web Card allows you to submit Reader Service requests electronically, eliminating the time, effort and expense of submitting a paper Reader Service Card. Instead, simply point your browser to our site. From there, you can:

  • Submit Reader Service requests using the Circle No. listed with each advertisement or editorial item.

  • Perform an issue-wide search for companies mentioned in the magazine.

  • Connect to manufacturers' web sites directly from the Web Card.

  • Select your preferred delivery method: regular mail, e-mail or fax.

Best of all, the Web Card requires one-time only registration. That means the first time you request materials, you will be asked for some basic information (name, company, address, etc.) as well as a few questions about your company. Once you've provided that information, each time you use the Web Card from your computer, the system will recognize you. This will save you time and allow us to process your requests more quickly and effectively.

The Web Card is just one of several improvements to our web site that we plan to launch in the coming months. Soon, complete archives of past issues' editorial will be available online, allowing you to read and review issues that you may have misplaced. In addition, we'll be adding full-site searching capabilities to help you find the heat processing information you need more quickly and easily.

With a click of a mouse, the resources of Process Heating are available to you. Try out the Web Card and let me know what you think.