Emissions standards have forced industrial boiler operators to meet stringent requirements.

Accord to Frank von Furstenrecht, winery boiler operator, the new boiler has experienced few startup problems.
Changes to the emissions standards have forced industrial boiler operators in California's Central Valley to meet even more stringent emissions requirements for boilers with heat inputs greater than 20 million BTU/hr. When Fresno, CA-based Cribari Winery needed to increase steam capacity, it looked to Alzeta Corp., Santa Clara, CA, for a new boiler. Alzeta's Pyromat CSB package boiler burner allowed Cribari to satisfy the 50,000 lb/hr demand yet stay below state-mandated emissions levels of 9 ppm NOX and 50 ppm carbon monoxide.

Boiler installation was completed by Nationwide Boiler, Fremont, CA, in cooperation with California Power Equipment, Modesto, CA. Timely installation and commissioning were key factors because the boiler needed to be fully operational in time for the fall harvest. Despite the challenge of placing a 60,000 lb boiler through the winery roof, the boiler was integrated easily within the existing steam plant, and startup took less that one day. When the unit was tested for permit compliance, the burner system clocked in well below the 9 ppm required.