Fresh new graphics and streamlined navigation are among the improvements of a web site redesign by Philadelphia-based Trent Inc.

From small strip heaters to 50' custom-designed conveyor ovens, from low temperatures to 2500oF (1,371oC), describes Trent's range of products and experience. The capabilities described include how to improve temperature uniformity and achieve greater process flexibility or efficiency.

Three large dials on the home page provide navigation to details on the company, its contacts, and its key product lines, and these same dials, though smaller, appear on each page to provide quick navigation. Each of its key product categories listed below the products dial on every page of the site, allowing you to quickly search general categories. Each main category is described on dedicated product pages that include links to download PDF versions of the product catalog. Sections include conveyor ovens and furnaces, electric furnaces, electric ovens, the company's Folded and Formed heating elements and heater racks, immersion/fintube heaters, electric jackets and kettles, melters, plug heaters, cartridge heaters, ceramic ring heaters, hot plates, strip heaters and tubular heaters. PH