The Infrared Division of IHEA has published a manual that explains the benefits of infrared for process heating applications.

The Infrared Division of the Industrial Heating Equipment Association (IHEA) has published the first edition of its infrared handbook. “Infrared Process Heating Handbook for Industrial Applications” is a 32-page manual that serves as a quick introduction to the many applications of infrared heating in industrial processes.

Infrared heating has been successfully applied to hundreds of process heating applications such as curing metal finishes and protective coatings; fusing thermoset and thermoplastic powder coatings; forming molded plastics; bonding adhesives and metals; drying papers, inks, and fabrics; and processing foods.

The book is divided into three sections: what is infrared; equipment sources of infrared; and infrared process heating applications. The applications section provides case histories for many different applications and includes a description of the challenge each manufacturer faced before making the decision to select infrared.

Handbook editor David Boone of Birmingham-based Alabama Power, notes, “This handbook was written to present the facts on infrared in a manner that provides a comfort level to users considering infrared for process applications. The handbook was written by an IRED team that included representatives of the infrared equipment manufacturers and the utility companies who provide the energy -- both with a mission to help users save energy. And certainly, infrared is an energy-saving alternative to many of today's conventional heating methods. I hope the readers of our handbook can see the benefits of incorporating infrared into their process heating operations. The members of IRED are always available to help.”

The handbook is available from IHEA for $20 for nonmembers and $15 for members, plus shipping. To order, visit the IHEA Bookstore at the link below and download an order form or call (513) 231-5613.