Design kits intended to act as an instructional tutorial provide engineers with a structured way to experiment, prototype and learn. Minneapolis-based Minco Products Inc. released the design kits for flexible heaters and noninvasive sensors to meet a need from engineers to “self educate” early in the product development process.

“These kits act as a first step for design engineers to test Minco heaters and sensors and ultimately find a solution to their application or problem,” said Brian Williams, marketing manager for Minco's Heaters Division.

The flexible heaters prototype design kit includes 12 flexible heaters of various shapes and sizes in polyimide and silicone rubber insulation; a 100 platinum RTD and pressure-sensitive adhesive and silicone RTV adhesive; and a design guide booklet. The kit includes a startup guide, technical specifications and applications ideas, and white papers for education and prototyping techniques.

The non-invasive sensors design kit is supplied with several styles of RTDs; a miniature temperature transmitter with 4 to 20 mA output; silicone stretch tape; and a design guide booklet.