In many facilities, steam system improvements can save 10 percent to 20 percent in fuel costs. To help processors tap into potential savings, DOE offers a suite of tools for evaluating and identifying steam system improvements. Among the tools are:

  • Steam System Scoping Tool. This tool is designed to help steam system energy managers and operations personnel perform initial self-assessments of their steam systems. It will profile and grade steam system operations and management, and help users evaluate steam system operations against best practices.
  • Steam System Assessment Tool (SSAT). Version 2.0.0 of the SSAT allows steam analysts to develop approximate models of real steam systems. Using these models, they can apply SSAT to quantify the magnitude -- energy, cost and emissions savings -- of potential steam improvement opportunities. SSAT contains the key features of typical steam systems. Version 2 includes features such as a steam demand savings project; a user-defined fuel model; a boiler stack loss worksheet for the SSAT fuels; a boiler flash steam recovery model; and improved steam trap models.
  • 3E Plus. Version 3.2 of this program calculates the most economical thickness of industrial insulation for user-input operating conditions. Users can make calculations using the built-in thermal performance relationships of generic insulation materials or supply conductivity data for other materials.

    To access the tools, visit Additional help with software installation and operation is available from the EERE Information Center at (877) 337-3463 or via email at