A new recycled water line from the City of Edmonton's Gold Bar Wastewater Treatment plant will reduce the amount of water drawn directly from the North Saskatchewan and provide water for Petro-Canada's Strathcona County refinery.

The 3.4-mile (5.5-km) pipeline meets Petro-Canada's water needs for new processes and provides surplus water for other users along the river valley. The public-private partnership between the City of Edmonton, Edmonton-based Petro-Canada and Strathcona County was funded by Petro-Canada for approximately $25 million.

The membrane-treated water is cleaner than the wastewater formerly returned to the river at Gold Bar. The recycled water will help Petro-Canada meet new Canadian federal standards in the manufacture of fuels to reduce vehicle emissions. Petro-Canada will use the water for general refining purposes such as steam production and cooling and to produce hydrogen.

Under the water line arrangement, Strathcona County will purchase the recycled water, operate and maintain the pipeline on behalf of Petro-Canada, and deliver the water to the refinery. About 30 percent of the water used for refining processes will be returned to the river through the Alberta Capital Region Wastewater Treatment Plant.