Whether you need a burner that can be retrofit into an existing system or one that can fire a new system, you will find it here.

Compact Gas Flow Control

Moduline system is a compact assembly of coordinated modules for controlling the flow of gas in heating equipment. The company can combine multiple modules, assemble, test and deliver a gas train in accordance to customer specifications.

Kromschroder Inc.
(330) 342-0595

Packaged Burner with Ultra-Low Emissions

Corrected, typical emissions of 4 to 7 ppm NOXand 0 to 25 ppm CO provide assurance of air-quality compliance in a range of heating processes. Burner combines reliability with simple adjustment and operation. Its durable steel outer construction and stainless steel internals create a flexible platform to burn natural gas, propane or a range of alternate fuels. The compact, packaged design offers several control methods and optional discharge sleeves for use in ovens, dryers, air heaters, incinerators and process heaters.

Maxon Corp.
(765) 284-3304

Low Emission Air-Heating Burner for Direct-Firing

AirHeat creates clean, efficient heat in a range of direct-fired heating applications. Its small, high-efficiency blower saves energy and allows for compact burner installations. The burner can be flange-mounted with insertion depths of 3", 4" or 6" in sealed mounting installations and can be used for slot-firing or duct-mounting installations. The optional blower filter helps ensure easy, cost-effective maintenance.

Eclipse Inc.
(815) 877-3031

Combustion Safeguard Control Provides Automatic Protection

Protectofier is designed to provide continuous, automatic protection against the buildup of combustible fuel mixtures due to flame failure or other faults in ovens, boilers and heating equipment. System can monitor one or more burners and will respond to the presence or absence of flame. The controls line consists of plug-in, interchangeable components that have high signal strength to provide safe and secure operation while minimizing the potential for system shutdown due to noise.

Protection Controls Inc.
(847) 674-7676

All-Metal, Gas-Fired Infrared Burner

Apollo-Ray is all metal with a high alloy sintered-fiber emitter. This burner has longer life, durability, high radiance and good fuel efficiency. Offered in 8 x 6" or 12 x 5" sizes, the burner can be modulated from a high radiant mode of 1,700°F (927°C) to a low fire mode of 1,200°F (649°C).

Red-Ray Mfg. Co. Inc.
(908) 722-0040

Multifunction Gas Shutoff Valve Actuators Simplify Installation

SKPx5 is designed to optimize process performance, minimize costs and simplify installation on applications such as ovens, dryers or furnaces. Features of the electrohydraulic actuators include quick-connect wiring and NEMA 4 design. The visual indication and wiring are both on the front of each actuator. With the mounting screws already attached to the actuator and conduit adapters not required, installation has been greatly simplified. The SKP25 electrohydraulic actuators perform both safety shutoff and gas-pressure regulation, eliminating the need for a separately piped pressure regulator.

Siemens Building Technologies
(847) 941-5120

Infrared Gas Burner Withstands High Temperatures

With turndown capabilities of 1:100 as well as single digit NOXand CO ratings, this infrared gas burner is flashback-, splash- and shock-resistant and can withstand very high temperatures. Flexible gas burner design is based on knitted yarns of Fecralloy (stainless steel alloy) fibers.

Bekaert Combustion Technology
(770) 514-2273

High Turndown Gas Burner for Air Heating

Type FDM is designed to provide 20:1 turndowns over a range of heat inputs (30,000 to 3.5 million BTU/hr). Suitable for indirect or direct-fired air-handling or process-drying applications, the gas burner employs an advanced technology head that maintains flame stability while producing high turndowns. The unique inlet air damper and matched fuel valve allow on-ratio control using a simple linkage assembly.

Power Flame Inc.
(620) 421-0480

Microprocessor-Operated Burner Control

Estro microprocessor-operated flame-controlling device is equipped with inputs and outputs for the ignition and control of industrial burners. Estro B is designed for pilot-ignited burners while Estro C is designed for direct-spark ignition burners. Either may be remote controlled. An EXP-1 card may be added to control burners equipped with an air damper, blower and pressure switch. The front panel includes a lockout/reset button, cycle display and flame-signal indicator.

Pyronics Inc.
(216) 662-8800

Radiant Line Burner Has No Metal Exposures

RL-130A offers efficiency, modular design and single-socket screw mounting. Features include all-ceramic radiating surfaces and no metal exposures that absorb heat. The heavy-duty burner is recommended for applications using temperatures of 350 to 650°F (177 to 343°C). Higher temperatures can be realized if a cooling plenum is used to surround the burner manifold to prevent flashback preignition.

Indesco Products Inc.
(630) 462-0933

Packaged Pipe Burner Sets for Kettles, Tanks

Ruggedly designed for demanding heating applications, packaged burner set will produce a 16 x 36" flame pattern rated at 240,000 BTU/hr. A range of lengths, widths and BTU/hr outputs can be manufactured. Packaged pipe burner sets are suited for use under kettles and tanks.

Charles A. Hones Inc.
(631) 842-8886