Lewco used horizontal airflow in the tray oven designed for an automotive parts supplier to permit the heated air to pass uniformly across and between the trays.

A Tier 1 automotive supplier selected Lewco Inc., Sandusky, Ohio, as its supplier of a custom designed electrically heated drawer oven with trays for curing automotive parts. The oven required four 29.75" by 17.5" trays, each designed to handle 125 lb. To ease loading and unloading, the trays ride on a Lewco conveyor wheel rail conveyor within the oven. The trays are loaded and unloaded from two carts: one designed at the elevation for the upper drawers, and one for the lower drawers. The carts also are equipped with the wheel rail conveyor.

After loading the tray into the Heat-Pro oven, the operator starts a timer for the appropriate door. A pneumatically operated plunger locks the door until the timer times out, indicating the process is complete and the door can be opened. The oven operating temperature is 350°F (177°C). Horizontal airflow permits heated air to pass uniformly across and between the trays.

Because the curing process involved solvents, Lewco designed a NFPA Class A oven. Class A ovens are required when there is a potential explosion or fire hazard that could be occasioned by the presence of flammable volatiles or combustible materials processed or heated in the oven.

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