Infrared, immersion, circulation, tubular or coil - this section includes several different shapes, sizes, and types of heaters.

Infrared Emitter

Designed for difficult drying applications, MetFlame PB is a high efficiency infrared emitter that is capable of reaching uniform-operating temperatures up to 2,100°F (1,150°C) nearly instantaneously. It is robust enough for tough industrial drying applications and provides an alternative to currently available infrared emitter materials.

Porvair Advanced Materials
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Air Heater with Quartz Insulator Tube

Capable of providing air temperatures to 1,600°F (871°C), Series I, II and III have quartz outer tube housing. Offered in two styles (nozzled or open-ended) design, the heater has a high-temperature silicone rubber rear adapter/terminal assembly. The CE compliant heater has a maximum air pressure 7 psi (0.5 bar) and maximum inlet temperature 120°F (49°C).

Osram Sylvania Air Heaters
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Electrically Heated, Teflon-Core Hoses

Series 212 is offered in low pressure, high pressure and convoluted core styles. A built-in electric heating element provides heat up to 450°F (232°C) for low- and high-pressure styles. The TFE Teflon core is reinforced with a tin/copper (low-pressure style) or stainless-steel (high-pressure style) overbraid construction and includes thermal insulation and a scuff-resistant jacket. The helical convoluted Teflon core, which has a reinforced stainless steel wire braid, is designed to operate up to 400°F (204°C). Available with most standard couplings, the hoses are supplied hydraulically and electrically complete. All hose styles offer flexibility, durability, chemical inertness and high resistance to corrosion over their entire temperature range.

Technical Heaters Inc./Thermolab
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Electric Immersion Heaters

Immersion heaters are constructed using high-grade materials and put through a rigorous quality assurance testing procedure to ensure that each heater conforms to specification. Heaters are fabricated in a range of types and styles, including cartridge, screw plug and flanged. Applications include water heating, boilers, oil heaters, freeze protection, storage tanks, railroad tank cars, process systems and heat transfer systems.

Hubbell Heaters
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Aqueous Immersion Heating Elements

Screw plug, flanged and pipe plug styles of over-the-side immersion heaters provide benefits such as retrofit ability, ease of use, and the ability to remove the heating assembly without draining the tank, thus offering practical replacement. Heater styles are offered in 11 standard sheath materials: cold-rolled steel; copper-coated steel; aluminum; copper; 304, 321 and 316 stainless steels; Incoloy 840, 800 and 825; titanium. Heater designs in NEMA 1 (general purpose), 4 (weather resistant) and 7 (explosionproof) are standard.

Global Heating Solutions, TruHeat Inc.
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Air Heat Program for Heat Guns

Air-heater program for industrial hot air applications includes LHS Classic, LHS Premium and LHS System. All three LHS (Leister Heat Sources) lines include integrated device and heating element protection from excess temperatures. The new air heaters offer big performance from small dimensions. All three come in different power classes and are compatible with the existing range of the company's blowers and nozzles. The LHS Classic products are used where temperature regulation is not required or where external sensors and electronics are used for control. The LHS Premium devices include an integrated probe, temperature regulation and power electronics, ensuring a high level of process reliability. Temperature is continuously adjustable by means of a potentiometer. The LHS System units are integrated air heaters that can be externally configured and monitored. Probe, temperature regulation and power electronics are integrated.

Leister Process Technologies
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Infrared Heater for Drying, Baking, Curing

Infrared process modules provide a maximum operating ambient temperature of 350°F (177°C), but higher object temperatures can be achieved. Metal sheath heaters allow for precise product temperature control through percentage timers. Model EXS is constructed with a single Incoloy tube in heavy-duty extrusions and has a replaceable inner reflector. Model EXD is a double-element heater for higher watt densities. Both will mount in any position.

Aitken Products Inc.
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Heavy-Duty Circulation Heaters

Heaters have all-welded construction of the steel shroud and flanges; hydrostatically pressure-tested ports; heavy-duty metal-sheathed heating elements of Incoloy or steel; galvanized or carbon steel containment pipe; NEMA1 terminal housings; bulb-and-capillary thermostats or solid-state controls; plus up to a 150-lb forged steel flange with bolt construction connecting the terminal housing and containment vessel. Standard designs are offered with screw-plug or flanged (to 18") terminal housings, or a standoff housing for superheating systems.

Durex Industries
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Thermal Fluid Heater Has Two Helical Coils

Designed for high temperature industrial process applications, Twin-Coil HYT heater has two close-wound helical coils to provide thermal efficiency in a compact package. The internal use of a ceramic fiber blanket in place of cast refractory reduces weight and maintenance. Built with a rugged design, it is suitable for use with a range of fuels and thermal fluids.

General Combustion Corp.
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Thick Film Heaters Save Space in Product Design

Thick film heaters and sensors provide heat transfer, thermal efficiency and temperature uniformity in applications where there is a need to save space in a product design. Applications include semiconductor manufacturing, plastics processing, food processing, gas/fluid heating and printing. Features include more direct surface contact to ensure optimum heat transfer, low mass designs, fused termination points and low-profile, compact design. The advanced manufacturing technology allows fine heating patterns for tighter thermal profile tolerances, and the flexible heater circuit design allows for variable heat output.

Chromalox Inc.
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Thermal Fluid Systems Have Four-Pass Design

Customized and complete thermal fluid (hot oil) heater systems are available to 14 million BTU/hr and temperatures to 750°F (399°C). The four-pass, high efficiency design with preheated combustion air requires minimal floor space. The design allows for high fluid velocities within the coil, which translates to low film temperatures. The ASME-stamped heaters can be skid-mounted at the factory with a circulating pump and expansion tank. Skid piping including control valves, secondary loops and heating/cooling loops.

Fulton Thermal Corp.
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Thermal Fluid Heater for Printing

Built for use in the printing industry, thermal fluid heater is a helical coil design and has an output of 9.4 million BTU/hr. In addition to its helical coil, the heater has two heat exchangers. The first preheats combustion air to the burner. The blower for the heater's burner forces combustion air through open spaces inside hollow plates in the plate-type air-to-air exchanger. Exhaust gases pass along the outside edges of the plates, transferring heat to the combustion air. The second heat exchanger is used for preheating thermal fluid before it enters the helical coil. Thermal fluid enters the exchanger, a finned-tube convection section, and is heated by convective heat from hot exhaust gases. The two exchangers increase the heater's efficiency to 91.5 percent LHV. Both exchangers are mounted in the heater's exhaust stack.

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Heater Provides Instant Hot Water

EZ Heater can be used in any process where instantaneous hot water is required. The direct steam-injection heater is suited for applications where a heat exchanger was utilized in the past. The heater can accommodate flows up to 600 gal/min and process up to a 250°F temperature rise. It eliminates plugging and fouling issues often experienced with heat exchangers. Heater provides exceptional energy savings, precise temperature control and instantaneous hot water on demand.

Hydro-Thermal Corp.
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Oil Immersion Heaters Operate to 550°F

Used for oil preheating, oil baths, wax and other heat transfer fluids, oil immersion heaters provide years of trouble-free service when the tubes are completely covered with fluid, used on correct voltage and kept free of carbonization. With watt densities of 16 to 22 W/in2, they are designed for use with heat transfer oil and have a maximum operating temperature of 550°F (288°C). Heaters with lower watt densities are designed for use with Bunker C fuel oil preheaters and line and suction heaters with a maximum operating temperature of 250°F (121°C). All are constructed with steel heads and tubing. The TRO, TSO and TSOL Series use a dielectric material to support the coiled heating elements, and the heater tube is pressed to increase thermal conductivity.

Trent Inc.
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High Temperature Air Heaters

Airtorch line is used for direct heating or to augment/heat existing ovens and furnaces. They offer high flexibility and control of any heating process. Input of air or gas may be from a compressor, blower or fan, depending on the model. Line includes models operating at 1,650°F (900°C) and below; mid-range models up to nearly 2,200°F (1,200°C); and plasma Ultra-Torch models up to nearly 2,700°F (1,500°C). Several models accept high temperature feed gas input. The kilowatt input required depends on the temperature of the exit gas from the heater and the flow volume required.

Micropyretics Heaters International Inc.
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Air, Gas Heaters for Vapor-Phase, Direct Heating

For direct-fired gas-heating applications, these heaters provide high temperatures without air preheat in a packaged design. The heaters come in sizes to 25 million BTU/hr for applications such as air separation, fuel gas heating, regeneration gas heating, steam superheating and other vapor-phase, direct-heating processes.

GTS Energy Inc.
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Circulating Thermal Fluid Heating Systems

Systems are designed to provide high-temperature heat at low pressures to a range of process users such as heat exchangers and synthetic fiber extrusion presses. Company provides circulating thermal fluid heating systems for every heat transfer fluid type, including mineral oils, synthetic fluids, molten salt and liquid metals.

TEi Struthers Wells
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Cartridge Heater for Plastics, Packaging

Designed for maximum temperature, heat transfer and heater life, the 0.125" Superwatt optimizes heat transfer from the resistance wire to the sheath. Suitable applications include dies, plastic molding, instrumentation and packaging machinery.

Hotwatt Inc.
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Flanged Immersion Heaters Have Low-Density Elements

Suited for use in tanks, large vats and reservoirs, flanged immersion heaters consist of a standard 150 or 300 lb flange for mounting and the company's dry-well, low-density heating elements. Dry wells allow the elements to be serviced or replaced without draining the tank. Low watt density keeps the element sheath temperature low, reducing the chance of coking or buildup on the heater.

Process Heating Co.
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Adhesive Curing and Drying

DryIR Model 6040 can concentrate infrared heat directly to the desired area, resulting in immediate evaporation. It is designed for drying applications that require a clean, responsive, noncontact heat source on target areas up to 4" (102 mm) wide. It is suited for water- and solvent-based drying as well as adhesive curing. The infrared energy emitted from each heater can be adjusted to match the specific heating requirements.

Research Inc.
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Convection and Infrared in One Heater

Model FBA has all of the characteristics of the company's F-Series along with holes drilled in the heater face to allow for forced air. The purpose of the forced air is to either protect sensitive material, improve drying or to provide combination infrared/convection heating.

Solar Products Inc.
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Silicone Heated Jackets for Cylindrical Surface Heating

Isopad heated jackets are moisture resistant, chemical resistant and can operate in ambient temperatures from -80 to 392°F (-62 to 200°C). They can include a high-temperature thermal cutout switch, a choice of temperature sensor with an RTD and a PID autotuned electronic temperature control or a complete prewired mini-control panel with cordset.

Tyco Thermal Controls
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Process Air Heaters Are Pre-Piped, Prewired

Custom built, directly or indirectly heated units have efficiencies up to 90 percent. Heaters are custom designed using construction materials to suit the application and engineering parameters. Gas- or oil-fired, electrical or steam heated units are available. Direct units offer airflow to 100,000 scfm max, temperature rises from ambient to 1,000°F (538°C) and process static pressures up to 25 lb. Indirect units offer airflow to 25,000 scfm max, temperature rises from ambient to 600°F (316°C) and process static pressures up to 5 lb. Each unit is pre-piped and prewired with custom control console housing as well as safety and operating controls built to NFPA 86, FM and IRI specifications. Simply connect utilities and ductwork to operate.

Corbett Industries Inc.
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Direct Contact Water Heater

Fully integrated, direct contact water heater provides fuel savings, wastewater heat energy reclamation, water conservation and sewer cost savings. Designed to provide up to 99.7 fuel efficiency, the heater has a non-pressure vessel that does not require a licensed operator or boiler feed chemicals. There is less corrosion in pipes and plumbing because direct contact between flame and water burns up a higher portion of the oxygen.

Kemco Systems Inc.
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Heaters Direct Heat Toward Nozzle

Kappa Series has nickel-plated copper inner sleeve and stainless outer sleeve provide precision heating. The materials direct heat inward toward the nozzle for efficient, even heat distribution. Tightly sandwiched between the sleeves, the heater eliminates heat transfer problems. A tight-tolerance ID allows a slip fit to eliminate clamping. Unit provides flat temperature profiles over the length of the nozzle. Specs include greater than 100W in2, 5" and 7" cold leads, +/-0.0005 ID tolerance, +/-2 percent resistance tolerance, 72" Teflon lead wires, and 0.125" nominal wall thickness.

Thermetic Products Inc.
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Flanged Immersion Heater for Through-the-Side Mounting

Offered in a range of rates, sizes and materials, flanged immersion heater is adaptable to the heating requirements of water, oil and other liquid solutions as well as air and gases. The heater is designed for through-the-side mounting in tanks and vessels using standard pipe flanges.

Heatrex Inc.
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Gas Coolers, Heaters Include Transitions to Piping

Process gas coolers and heaters provide transitions on both ends to mate to process piping. Each transition is customized to properly distribute air across the finned tube bundle and minimize pressure drop. Removable-core design allows heat exchange elements to be cleaned or inspected in a minimal amount of time.

Aerofin Corp.
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Explosion-Proof Pipe-Thread Heaters

Explosion-proof pipe-thread immersion heaters are CSA approved for use in hazardous areas classified as Class I, Division 1, Groups B, C and D, and Class II, Division 1, Groups E, F and G. Heaters are provided with 304 stainless steel fittings and elements suitable for NEMA 3 and corrosive environments. Construction features include 2 or 2.5" NPT fittings, 0.475" dia. compacted tubular elements, repressed U-bends, nested third element with spacer for structural strength and either a 0 to 100°F (-17 to 38°C) or 60 to 250°F (15 to 121°C) process thermostat. They are designed to be permanently mounted in a horizontal position above the anticipated sludge level and are approved for operation in a maximum ambient temperature of 104°F (40°C).

(314) 644-4300

Cartridge Heaters

Line of metal-sheathed cartridge heaters are offered in standard and custom configurations. To ensure efficient heat transfer, diameter tolerances are maintained between -0.001 and 0.005" from specified nominal diameters. In this way, the user will achieve a good fit into the cavity designed to hold the heater. The thermal expansion of the heater will produce the desired heater and cavity surface contact for the most efficient heat transfer and long heater life.

Delta T Max Corp., an affiliate of Beswick Engineering
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Cartridge Heaters Have Quick Disconnect

Watt-Flex offers options of flexible stainless-steel hose or braid, straight or right-angle headers, extra-long leads, high-temperature leads, threaded post terminals, fiberglass or silicon-rubber sleeving, an internal ground wire and a Quick Disconnect lead with a male plug. The heaters have a split-sheath design that allows each half of the heater to expand independently when energized, maximizing metal-to-metal contact with the surrounding bore. They have a continuous coil design and are available in standard diameters of 0.25, 0.375, 0.5, 0.625, 0.68, 0.75 and 1" as well as 8, 10, 12, 12.5, 15, 16 and 20 mm; in lengths from 1.25 to 72"; and with operating temperatures to a maximum of 1,700°F (926°C).

Dalton Electric Heating Co.
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Thermal Fluid and Process Heating System

Complete fuel-fired three-pass low pressure hot oil heating system provides temperatures up to 750°F (399°C). Offered in sizes ranging from 400,000 to more than 75 million BTU/hr, efficiency can exceed 90 percent. Heating applications include presses, rolls, tanks and reactors, kilns, dryers, fuel heating, glycol solutions, process air and steam generation.

Thermal Fluid Systems Inc.
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Flanged Heater for Air, Gases, Liquids

Flanged heaters are manufactured in more than 4,300 configurations with capacities from 1 to 1,200 kW. Each configuration is available in NEMA 12, 4 and 7. Used to heat air, gas and aqueous solutions, the heater is supplied with up to a 36" dia. flange. The immersion length ranges from 9 to 180" long.

Gaumer Process Heaters
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