The laundry's continuous batch tunnel washers and automated drying equipment efficiently process linens. The low pressure steam boilers satisfy their steam demands and help the Maple Springs reduce reduce energy consumption.

When Maple Springs Laundry replaced its 150 hp firetube boiler with two 100 hp boilers from Miura Boiler Inc., Wheeling, Ill., the company's gas bills dropped by 19 percent. That was two years ago. Since then, the price of natural gas has been rising, and the laundry's savings have been climbing, according to Lee Bell, general manager of the Hickory, N.C., commercial laundry.

“We paid $5.70 a decatherm in 2004. We paid $16.47 a decatherm in 2005. For October, 2004, our gas bill was $25,858. Our gas bill for October 2005 was $57,882,” Bell said.

According to the company's calculations, had it still depended on the firetube boiler to provide the 70 hr of steam required per week, the bill would have been $10,997 more.

Miura Boiler's low NOX(less than 20 ppm at 3 percent O2) high and low pressure steam boilers use less fuel than firetube boilers. In addition, in-service efficiency is maximized by:
  • Computerized vertical water tube design.
  • A compact pressure vessel that minimizes heat loss.
  • Five minute steam production capabilities from a cold start.

Miura uses the premix method of NOXcontrol. Premix burners combine gas and air in a manifold; the combined flow is burned through a flat perforated burner.The perforations reduce flame temperature, which reduces NOX. The premix method can achieve NOX levels below 20 ppm. Miura's forced-flow, vertical-tube pressure vessel design requires less heating surface, achieves high efficiency and is less than half the size of firetube and other conventional boilers.

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