Have you ever wondered how to train the cylinder of your calciner? These questions and more are answered in Tech Tips, a newsletter published by Alstom Power, Air Preheater Co., Warrenville, Ill.

With regard to training your calciner cylinder, Tech Tips reported the trunnion roll shafts for any pair of rolls must be parallel at all times. Be sure that the bearings move as much as the adjusting screws when “screwed out.” Sometimes bearings stick and fail to follow the backward motion of the adjusting screw. A bump with a light sledge or maul will ensure the bearing contact with the screw end after an “out” adjustment.

When making adjustments, both sets of trunnion rolls should receive the same “training” so that the upward thrust of the two sets of rolls are alike. This results in equal wear on both sets of rolls. Never adjust fewer than four bearings.

Adjustments should be made cautiously. Do not move any adjusting screw more than 0.010" because when one screw is moved, you must move three more the same amount, and the effect is multiplied by four.

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