Eastman Chemical Co. has selected Therminol 66 heat transfer fluid, manufactured by St. Louis-based Solutia Inc., for use in its new facility in Columbia, S.C. The facility is based on Eastman's IntegRex technology, which enables integrated conversion of paraxylene (PX) to polyethelene terephthalate (PET) resin. The facility will rely upon Therminol 66 heat transfer fluid, recognized by users for its thermal stability and low vapor pressure.

Eastman is the world's leading supplier of PET resin for packaging. The company's patented IntegRex technology is an innovation in the integrated conversion of PX to PET resin, which has numerous applications in the plastics industry.

“As the world's first facility utilizing Eastman's IntegRex technology and Therminol 66, we have very high expectations,” said Dale Kline, global business director, Specialty Fluids, Solutia Inc. “Therminol 66 has earned the position of being Eastman's fluid of choice for this important project.”