Company president LaVon Wenger, along with Galen Rokey and Roger Lierz, mark the production of Wenger’s 600th DDC Preconditioner.

A dryer manufacturer is marking the production its 600th conditioning system during the systems 20th anniversary year. The differential diameter cylinder (DDC) “preconditioner,” patented by Wenger Manufacturing, Sabetha, Kansas, is designed to pre-moisten and preheat dry recipes ahead of the extruder barrel.

Features of the DDC unit include a compact design to ease retrofits as well as access for sanitation and inspection; uniform processing characteristics; enhanced flavor development; constant speed; high starch gelatinization values achieved for maximum extrusion rates and extended life of extruder parts; high mixing intensity; and optimal mixing.

According to LaVon Wenger, president of the company, “The DDC has been successful because it offers uncompromised pre-moistening and preheating. One marker of its success has been the fact that this has been one of the most copied patents that the company has ever owned."