Tokuo Naoi, owner TN Management, and David Hamling, co-owner Zircar Ceramics Inc., display a ceramic fiber board manufactured at the two companies’ Beijing, China, joint venture facility.

ZTA, a joint venture between Zircar Ceramics Inc., Florida, N.Y., and TN Management, Tokyo, Japan, is expected to allow both partners to participate in certain markets for ceramic fiber products.

ZTA, which stands Zircar TN Agreement, occupies a new 22,000 ft2facility in the Beijing, China, area. According to David Hamling, co-owner of Zircar Ceramics, the joint venture is expected to help the companies serve the consumables for secondary aluminum and components for OEM high temperature equipment markets, among others. Zircar will market the joint venture’s vacuum-formed products under the brand name of Uniform Fiber Products.