Novatec will evaluate dryers for energy use, drying speed and other parameters at its drying technology center.

A drying technology center designed to rate every type of dryer -- by both energy use and drying efficiency -- is expected to serve as a resource for processors and resin suppliers. Baltimore-based Novatec planned the 4,200 ft2facility to enable processors to compare alternative types of dryer in terms of energy efficiency, drying speed and other critical parameters.

Novatec supplies hot air (convection), infrared, desiccant and compressed-air dryers as well as a proprietary compressed-air/membrane system and vacuum dryers. The center will include working models of Novatec systems operating under conditions that ensure a high degree of repeatability and comparability.

“While one of our goals is to provide reliable ratings of energy efficiency for all of our models, we intend to measure other critical parameters in dryer performance as well, such as the time it takes for different systems to properly dry similar resins with equivalent initial moisture content,” said product sales manager Mark Haynie.

While the facility will be available as a demonstration and training center for Novatec drying systems, Haynie also expects testing performed at the drying center to allow the company to provide more reliable recommendations for drying specific resins. Haynie expressed intent to work with resin companies to identify the parameters and conditions that result in optimal drying of different polymers. Novatec also will test hopper configurations to identify those that provide the most efficient flow for particular forms of resin and that promote uniform distribution of drying air.