Inventors Jerry L. Brown of Heflin, Ala., and Patrick P.B. Notte of Wavre, Belgium, have received a U.S. patent for a process to manufacture specialty polymers and plastics using Solutia’s Therminol VP-3 heat transfer fluid. The patent (US 7,091,309) was granted on August 15.

Therminol VP-3 is a proprietary fluid that offers a boiling point of 469oF (243oC), which is lower than conventional biphenyl/diphenyl oxide eutectic fluids, giving users more flexibility in operating in the vapor-phase region. The lower boiling point enables manufacturers to easily process or spin nylon 6 or specialty polyester-based polymers at a lower temperature, which they could previously achieve only by operating a conventional biphenyl/diphenyl oxide heat transfer system under vacuum.

According to the patent, the developed process defines the method for manufacturing temperature-sensitive polymers and plastic products in a manner that overcomes difficulties that previously had rendered such a method commercially unviable. The formulation of Therminol VP-3 makes this possible.