An easy-to-use online tool allows design engineers to select products and accessories for their application, offering another selection source for specifying and purchasing Signet piping system components from Tustin, Calif.-based GF Piping Systems. Once the system selection is finalized at, a list of products with part numbers can be printed for reference or e-mailed for ordering. Links connect users to additional details on product data sheets and operation manuals.

The online tool covers the company’s temperature, pH, ORP, conductivity, resistivity and pressure instruments as well as flow sensors, fittings and flow instrumentation. It guides the user through a series of questions and options for sensor type; pipe size; material type, fluid and flow; and temperature and pressure ranges, allowing the system to narrow the product choices and choose compatible products.

An application library includes a tutorial-style data bank that enables users to familiarize themselves with applications and processes suited for Signet products. The library provides an introduction to system applications, detailed schematics, technical information and technical articles on specific industries. Articles can be searched for by technology or application type.