Barbara Hudson, instructor for JMS Southeast’s course on industrial temperature measurement, is associated with the ISA, ASTM, IEC, ASME, the American Ceramic Society, the American Association of Textile Colorists, and the Brick Manufacturers Association of America.

Calibration, accuracy, tolerances, standards and specifications regarding temperature measurement will be the focus of Statesville, N.C.-based JMS Southeast Inc.’s 20th Annual Course on Industrial Temperature Measurement.

Held from October 29-30, in Myrtle Beach, S.C., the two-day course is suitable for technicians, engineers, designers, salesmen and integrators. Attendees will learn how, through a proper circuit and application analysis, to troubleshoot contact and noncontact sensors. The course, which is based on Industrial Temperature Measurement, will be taught by eight-time course instructor Barbara Hudson.

A free laser infrared thermometer is provided with advance registration. Call (800) 873-1835 or visit for details.