Tons of woody biomass are hauled away for disposal in Jasper County. After Hurricane Rita, scenes like this were common in southeastern Texas. Such disposal is not only expensive, Texas Cooperative Extension experts said, it’s wasteful, as woody biomass could be converted into either automotive fuel, ‘green-diesel’ or used to power steam boilers for electricity production.
Photo courtesy of Texas Cooperative Extension

Advocacy, education, information and outreach to public and private entities to promote research, development and funding for sustainable woody biomass (logging and mill residue that can be used for energy production) utilization and markets is being provided by the newly formed Woody Biomass Coalition.

The initial focus of the group is the development of strategies to ensure inclusion of woody biomass in the upcoming 2007 Farm Bill Provisions for Renewable Energy, such as eligibility for renewable energy tax incentives and inclusion in renewable energy research and deployment programs.

Authorization for farm program funding expires September 30 and the Administration’s 2007 Farm Bill proposal includes $1.6 billion in new funding for renewable energy programs. Among the new proposals are a $150 million wood-to-energy program and a plan to provide $100 million to cellulosic ethanol. More information is available at