To provide clients with small batch powder processing services for research and development and help ease the transition from pilot-scale to production-scale processing, Hatfield, Pa.-based Fluid Energy Processing & Equipment Co. opened a lab-to-pilot processing facility at its Telford, Pa., location. The lab is designed to service the R&D needs of companies in the pharmaceutical, hazardous materials and food processing industries that need to develop new products without the capital expenditures of bringing in specialized drying, jet milling and classifying equipment.

Basic grinding and mixing, blending, coating, milling and packaging services are offered. The laboratory can test products with batches as small as 1 gram of material and scale it up to pilot proportions, usually between 50 and 5,000 lb. Following pilot-scale processing, Fluid Energy’s production facility offers production-scale services for batches up to 1 million lb.